[Registration Open for Entrance Test] Civil Services – Prelims Focus Group (CS-PFG) 2020 (To be Conducted on 17th November, 2019)

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The Most Authentic MCQ Based Program and perhaps The ONLY Test Program You need , to Clear PRELIMS !!! 

Salient Features of this Programme

  • 2 subjective (mains) questions on the syllabus of same day PFG test
  • Scholarship For First 50 Ranks
  • 70 + Module Wise Tests, 8+ Full Length Tests, 6 Current Affairs Based Tests .
  • 4 Tests per Week.
  • 40 Questions per Test.
  • 3 Rounds of Revisions of each Module.
  • UPSC Previous year’s Practice Papers.
  • In the last Month full length Tests will be conducted.
  • Daily Ranking.
  • Available in both online/offline modes.
  • Detailed solutions would be provided.
  • Dedicated 24*7 Doubts Removal Portal.
  • Regular meet ups once in a month.
  • Surprise tests to check your preparedness.
  • More focus on analytical types of questions and strictly on the patterns of UPSC.
  • SWOT based monthly report card.

Selection or Elimination?

It is said that at prelims stage UPSC eliminates aspirants but selects at mains and interview.

Some of the notions associated with Prelims:-

  • One wrong bubble can change your destiny.
  • NCERTs and The Hindu are losing their importance.
  • No topper have claimed to know more than 40-50 questions and rest of the questions they solve with elimination technology.
  • Some rely more on accuracy Siddharth Jain Rank 11, 2017 claimed he never used to attempt more than 72-75 but still managed to get score more than 120, While others are more dependent on quantity!
  • There is no need to join any test series, one can take the tests from market and practice at home.

One may agree or disagree with the above notions but, one notion is ultimate truth that UPSC in prelims stage is unpredictable, dicey, incomprehensible, luck dependent (if on the borderline).

3 Category of Students after Prelims:-

Category 1:- Who scores way less than the predicted/rumoured cutoff, what they should do is watch some Netflix series from friends account, relax and prepare for next year.

Category 2:- Borderline guys. What they get is sleepless nights, chills and become religious in the hope to get 3-4 questions right by god’s grace. Even if they qualify but they tend to waste precious 45-50 days between prelims date and its result in anticipation of result and by that time one-third of time is gone.

Category 3:- 5-10 marks more than predicted cutoff. What they get is immense confidence, satisfaction and hope. They enroll themselves in some mains test series. These category students are ahead of their counterparts in the 2nd category.

Gone are those days where 3-4 months were enough to crack prelims, but, in these days where competition is immense along with number of seats are on decline, vague nature of questions this exam has really become a herculean task. (You guys are going to compete with doctors from AIIMS, IIM/IIT graduates, a dedicated guy living in some corner of Bihar whose only dream is to become IAS and also professionals from colleges all over India. 

One size fits all approach of prelimswill not work for everyone. Because, challenges are unique for everyone. Ex. Some guys face problems in CSAT while some struggles in History.

What needs to be done:-

1) Be motivated and disciplined:- With punctuality comes discipline. This program offers you the much needed sincerity and punctuality to keep your preparation on right track.

2) Quality as well as quantity:- In this module there will be 4 tests per week which will run for 5 months. There will be approximately more than 70 tests in all , wherein you will learn and touch new areas and also practice the art of ‘MCQ Aptitude’ . Last year we have successfully conducted similar program with the success ratio of more than 35%.  In the last month full length test will be conducted.

3) Have faith in us and believe in yourself:Mutualism works, always!

4) Only request from our side:- Try not to postpone the tests, If you want to be in race don’t get out of the track for a moment. Punctuality is one of the three tenets of this program other two being quality and quantity. Even if you are not prepared to give exams, it will be surely beneficial to you.

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CS – PFG is a dedicated program for all aspirants . Here is the chance to prepare yourself in a most rigorous manner  for PRELIMS 2020 and nourish your dream of being a Civil Servant