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Features - Mentorship Program 2022

Mentorship Programme – UPSC Civil Services Exam

The dictionary meaning of the word Mentorship in simple terms is – “the guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person in a company or educational institution”. Thus, one thing is clear without saying much on it that this particular model of operating will have – the guidance, by an experienced person, in an institution.

So how it is going to be different from the existing model of Teaching?

We in CHROME IAS , since the inception of this institute , have believed in one simple truth – that selection of a candidate, not only in Civil Services Examination but be it any competition of pan India level – is primarily because of the efforts of ‘candidate’ herself.

Don’t you think that we are making a contradictory claim that goes against the purpose of our existence and for what then we are inducting people in different programs? Definitely the answer is ‘Yes’ – but for a reader who is used to take things on face value and for someone who read between the lines – the intent of the message would be clear. In the conventional model of learning, wherein faculty just delivers lectures and finishes his job, we think that there is a bigger anomaly in such a process of preparation and that is to make aspirants dependent on faculties.

This type of teaching methodology goes against not only our Vision but also goes against the established principles of pedagogy. So, we hope that by now, one more objective of this program would have been clear to you – that we envision to make aspirant become an independent entity , so that they not only have a hold over areas of examination but become a ‘functional individual’ in their life.

Now the consequent question that arises is – then what will happen in this program?

This is perhaps the most important part of this whole write up , as only individuals with firm will to become a Civil Servant and an unflinching dedication – would be able to get the whole idea.

Having said that, the idea is to make aspirants reach their goal and also do that by becoming an independent entity – and this will be realized by an ‘Interventionist approach’ – under which our highly experienced faculty and members from the field of UPSC will act as a mentor , i.e. , as a hand-holder to you.

Now what exactly ‘Hand-Holding’ means here?

Again, a superficial reading will mislead you, but critical examination of the term would make you think and link the dots. That is, linking three key words – ‘ Mentor , Handholding and Interventionist Approach’ – So , A mentor who is more than a faculty and provides handholding , but not to make you follow his footsteps , rather to carve out a new road to success for yourself by Intervening in your preparation when need be and after analysing your strength and weaknesses , thus making you believe in yourself – that helps you to perform in Mains and Interview as well.

We have seen good number of candidates clearing PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION, but fail to pass MAIN EXAMINATION – and the main reason behind it; is not they were not capable – but they were not guided in proper manner and were kept in false hopes or were made to master just one stage of the examination. We, at CHROME IAS ACADEMY, firmly believe that a person, no matter how weak he/she is , should not be kept in dark about his shortcomings , rather that should be told out rightly – so that either person takes corrective measures or simultaneously tries for other Exams , which will instil confidence in him , as the fear of being ‘No-One’ is no more existent if a person has an alternate plan ready.

Going off the track for a moment, Of-late, there have been certain cases of aspirants coming to us and showing depressive tendencies. The major reason behind such instances we believe that Coaching Institutes are not playing the role expected out of them. That is, we are supposed to be a facilitator, but what many institutes have turned out to be is an undesirable state by making them as indispensable and unavoidable link. They put so much of pressure on the candidate that a fresher either quits the preparation or goes in an irreversible cycle of depression in later stages of preparation if not successful or even in some cases if they get lower ranks. So we want to break the nexus between aspirants and depression, as depressive tendencies don’t gel with the youthful energy and there is much responsibility on the demographic momentum that India is having and that is to make India shine in the International platform rather than showing traits unbecoming of an officer, who
are expected to work in much more stressful situation that you will encounter during your preparation.

“It was important to make you aware, as taking an example – an Ethical doctor is someone, who tells patient of the disease but at the same time take steps to cure it. “

Now back to mentorship program, so the modus-operandi here would be:

  • We will keep meeting aspirants in a formal setup – two-three times a week.
  • We will have a schedule which we expect aspirants to follow in letter and spirit.
  • The schedule is made in such a manner that aspirants does the most of the basic
    reading. (This has a deliberate objective which we will discuss in Class)
  • After first reading the whole subject matter will be discussed once in the class and
    individual doubts will be discussed – to make learning two way process.
  •  After this, Value addition through an interactive manner will be done by mentors.
  • Regular revision needs to be done by aspirant – if doubt persist that will be
  • Regular tests for a fair assessment , if any aspirant is having problem, that will
    be discussed, any assistance required will be provided to comprehend the
  • In this whole program, equal responsibility is share by aspirant and mentor. As none
    is less important, that’s why we mentioned in the outset of the article – that we
    want complete commitment and dedication from the aspirant towards achieving
    his/her dream.
  • The enrolment under this program will include – Mains Answer Writing Sessions as

Note: Schedule will be handed over to aspirants after admission process is complete.

What is different in this model and how it can benefit me over and above if I join Classroom Coaching program?

This program is similar if we take into consideration the basic principles, but where it outshines the other ways, is in its outcome. Here, you will have better understanding of the examination process and the learning stuff, as put out by Craik and Lockhart, if we process something on our own – the depth of processing is more – and consequently it leads to better recall of things. Thus it helps candidates de-burden themselves of memorizing lot of stuff – as now by the virtue of investing their time and mental energy – things are better understood and better remembered. 

During this program, we also encourage students to devote time to newspaper reading and going through other good books – which broadens their overall perspective and makes their thought process more mature and holistic. 

Note: In-between we will have classes wherein – students will be told how to go about reading stuff from newspaper and making notes. To add, few notes would also be provided for current affairs for PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION. In-between, there would be sessions for Interview Guidance, and how to groom oneself for
the last stage of this process. As at times, aspirants become too bookish and after clearing MAINS they find it difficult to prepare for INTERVIEW. So, it is advisable to understand every  stage of the Exam and have clarity on the expectations of each. So broadly, we have explained the nuances of the program – we will discuss in greater details in the class.

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