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Objective of UPSC Civil Services Interview

The entire UPSC interview process seems to be flowing from general to more specific questions. The interviews assume a trajectory wherein in the initial phase the candidates awareness of things around him is accessed moving to the next phase in which they try to evaluate your confidence in your conviction to have an idea of how much strength your personality has. Hence it is called for that the candidate should not only posses factual knowledge but also a good set of capacities for assertive expression of that knowledge.

The interviewers are accomplished individuals holding dignified positions in the society who have achieved their status through a blend of dedicated hard work, objective rationality, perseverance and a clear pragmatic mind. Since they are the representatives of Indian bureaucratic culture they look for similar personalities to maintain the ethics and values of their culture to save it from any possible contamination.

The qualities that they are looking for in a potential bureaucratic client are a clarity of thoughts, capacity to articulate one’s opinion well grounded in the reality, dedication to hold high the values and ethics of civil services, capacity for introspection and passion to bring change not only at the personal level but society at large, a capacity to learn from experience and transform these teachings from the past into futuristic utilitarian innovations, opinionated yet open to other perceptions of reality and capacity to contain their subjective selves to remain most conscientious to deal with most sensitive situations.

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Approach & Strategy of Chrome IAS Interview Program

In our opinion the aspirant should approach the interview panel with a calm openness, a readiness to face contradictory arguments by the interview panel, tolerance to be touched and probed on the sensitive aspects of one’s life without losing to anxiety in forms like withdrawal or over aggressive talk. The candidate should free himself from personally relevant ambitions and ally himself with or find personal meaning in larger social dreams.

Therefore the purpose of Interview and Personality Development Program at Chrome IAS Academy is to facilitate a process in the individual that would make his ego stronger than before to cope with the emotional and intellectual challenges of the final interview to enable him to perform from a self aware and self actualized position that will also enable him to shoot the arrow right in the eyes of the fish of this enthralling process of the birth of a civil servant.


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Interview Guidance

Civil Services Interview is not intended to be a test of specialized knowledge as this is already tested in the written examination. It is rather a test of personality, mental alertness, clear and logical exposition, balance of judgment, power of assimilation, variety and depth of interest, ability of social cohesion and leadership, and intellectual and moral integrity. The technique that is being followed at UPSC is not strict cross-examination but direct and purposive conversation, which will reveal the mental qualities of the candidates.

The focus of Interview Guidance Program at Chrome IAS Academy is exactly that. Besides the knowledge aspects in relation to your bio-data, we will focus on refining candidates’ approach, attitude and aptitude to excel in UPSC’s personality test.

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