Tushar Dudi – Rank 617 (CSE – 2017)

I joined CHROME IAS for GS MAINS Test Series in 2017 , since it was new so there was a little apprehension, but after results I am happy with the decision I took.

For future aspirants , I want to say that evaluation process, post test feedback and Mridul Sir’s personal tips are one of the best in the field. Also Interview guidance available at Chrome IAS is exact and appropriate.

I am thankful to Chrome IAS and Mridul Sir for my Success in CSE 2017. 

Tushar Dudi 

AIR – 617 (CSE – 2017)

Amit Chandra Sunal – IRS , Rank 341 (CSE – 2017)

Considering the time constraint one have while in the Job/Service as well as otherwise, it needs a smart strategy and the art of practicing answer writing for the Mains in the limited time frame. With this in Mind I joined the Chrome IAS test Series for CSE 2017 for Prelims as well as Mains under the guidance of Shri Mridul Purohit Sir, the Director of Chrome IAS Academy and Ravika Jain Ma’am. I have no hesitation in saying that I found it very helpful as I could prioritize on value addition as well as the presentation of answers with the enough content that I had , which is the case with most of the aspirants , where in they have lot of content but what they lack is the presentation of the content. The challenge in Mains is to think and articulate answers in a very limited response time in the examination hall with the vast pool of knowledge one already has.

Chrome IAS test series served this purpose very well with the critical evaluation of answer sheets and feedback. Interview guidance tips were also very helpful. I am thankful to Chrome IAS for the same.

Amit Chandra Sunal

AIR – 341 (CSE – 2017)

Saurabh Pratap Singh – Rank 295 (CSE – 2017)

I am very grateful to Chrome IAS and especially Mridul Sir for guiding me during Mains as well as Interview , along with acting as a source of Motivation.

Chrome IAS gives personalized feedback on the tests and act as a constant mentor which makes it different from the rest.

Thank you Sir.

Saurabh pratap Singh

AIR – 295

CSE – 2017

Bhuvnesh Devidas Patil – IAS ,Rank 59 (CSE – 2017)

Thank you Chrome IAS for giving me such a valuable guidance , constant motivation and feedback, which helped me a lot, especially in my weak areas like ETHICS and ESSAY. Mridul Sir gave me personal feedback for each test which I had given in the institution , that helped me to improve on my answer writing skills.

The institution helps students especially newcomers to improve upon their knowledge and skills , hence I recommend all the students to visit and get valuable guidance from Chrome IAS Academy. 

Bhuvnesh Devidas Patil

AIR(UPSC) – Rank 59

Pramod Sheoran , IRS

I found questions relevant to present pattern of UPSC, neither too difficult nor too easy. This test series gave a good writing practice of UPSC standard questions. I am also satisfied with their evaluation. It is worth trying if you want quality at the given price.

Mayank Prakash , IRS (IT)

Having tried some popular test series those were famous for giving positive results but not able to clear successive mains, I was disappointed big time. Got to know of a team of aspirants running an informal test series, I was apprehensive of joining it as we have a tendency to run after big names and ads on our sacrosanct newspaper, The Hindu. Having no option left, as I tried almost everything and every test series, did join these guys. Never knew that it would work for me, and it was not a fluke, as got 3 consecutive Interview calls and finally got into the list.

It was their guidance and support which helped me to sustain and improve myself. Finally this venture has come up, to which I just want to say two words: ” Worth trying ”.

Ravi Kumar, IRS

In recent years UPSC pattern and the nature has changed from the earlier straight forward character. So is expected from the aspirants. Rather than memorizing facts and answers, an aspirant is expected to have analytical skills and effective presentation skills. This test series helped me to come close to changing demands of the examination.

Nitin Gaur, IAS

It’s Different, Reliable and Responsible. “Evaluation” and “Right Feedback”  are the most critical aspects of any test series meant for MAINS and at the least these are an assured feature of this test series.

Vikrant Vir, IPS

Test Series is supposed to be the test of our abilities and preparation on one hand and is a platform to improve our mistakes on the other. Personalized feedback’s helped me to bring the desired changes in the answer writing. I firmly believe in the approach taken by the team of NOT providing the model answers It not only proved beneficial in long run but helped me to explore different angles to the same question rather than following a straight jacket framed answer.

Sanjeev Kumar , IAS

UPSC is not only about hard work – It is becoming more of a ciphered code which needs specific skills to be decoded. Be motivated, focused and  committed to your goal and enjoy the process. Best of luck to all new aspirants!!