Gist of Editorials: Still on the Last Chance Saloon (The Hindu) | GS – III

Relevance : GS Paper III (Ecology & Environment)

[1200 words reduced to 200]

  • Average global temperatures have crossed a degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels.
  • Purpose of the COP 24 is to agree on a rulebook to implement pledges made by the Paris Agreement.
  • In the NDCs each country described the actions it would for mitigation and adaptation and the financial and technological support it needed.
  • Article 9 of the Paris Agreement calls for financial support from developed countries and article 9.5 requires them to communicate their levels of support.
  • The Hurdles
    • Estimate of adaptation is complicated and has not yet developed.
    • Little progress on finance, technology transfer and capacity development.
    • Multilateral funds pledged until 2017 are less than $30 billion,.
    • Double counting and counting of development aid.
    • Inability to have any agreement between developing and rich countries.
    • occupation of atmospheric carbon space by rich countries, leaving little room for poor nations.
    • the Kyoto Protocol has not been ratified yet
    • developed countries are not doing their duties much better
    • Developed nations are still reliant on oil and coal.
  • Way forward
    • Reliable climate flows required from developed countries.
    • Rich countries must alter their lifestyles considerably
    • support to poor countries experiencing losses from climate change events.
  • Earth is heading to be 3-4º C warmer by the end of the century. Drastic steps are needed to prevent the destruction of ecosystems and the mass extinction of species.