Gist of Editorials: Restoring The Balance (The Hindu) | GS – II

Relevance : GS Paper II (International Relations)

[900 words reduced to 200]

  • A tumultuous phase in India-Maldives ties has come to an end.
  • Recent India-Maldives relation
    • Maldives called India its “closest friend”.
    • India announced a financial assistance package of $1.4 billion .
    • Both agreed to keep other’s security interests in mind in IOR.
    • They agreed to strengthen maritime security cooperation in IOR.
    • Increased opportunities for Indian investment in Maldives.
    • Areas such fisheries, tourism, health, education etc. earmarked for enhancing bilateral cooperation.
  • The China factor
    • Under Mr. Yameen, Maldives had become close to China.
    • China’s role in the Maldivian economy is under scanner today amid growing concerns about Chinese loans.
    • Faced with the loan crisis, Maldives is looking to India for more budgetary support.
    • China will continue to play an important role in Maldives economy.
    • However, geography will make India’s role critical in Maldives.
  • Mature handling of the Maldives crisis
    • India’s patiently handled the Maldives crisis.
    • It coordinated its response with other like-minded players.
  • India’s significance for Maldives
    • Maldives will need support of India because:
    • Maldives challenges remain acute.
    • The institutional fabric has been battered under Mr. Yameen.
    • Islamist extremism has grown in potency.
    • Governance will continue to be challenging .
    • Instead of viewing from a China perspective, India must think of the long term.