Gist of Editorials: Job Creation at the Farmer’s Doorstep (Indian Express) | GS – III

Relevance : GS Paper III (Indian Economy)

[900 words reduced to 250]

  • The Telangana government’s Rythu Bandhu scheme has spotlighted the policy of utilising cash transfer to assist land-owning farmers with a non-agricultural income.
  • The average monthly income of rural households is Rs 8,000, with agricultural households deriving only 43% of their income from agriculture.
  • The government has sought to double farmer income by raising minimum support prices, but such initiatives would apply directly only to 48% of rural India, with non-agricultural households being left behind.
  • How to increase farmers’ income?
    • embrace non-farm diversification
    • breeding policy needs to be revamped
    • a national breeding policy is needed
    • Buffalo breeding ought to be given more attention
    • Development of indigenous breeds of livestock
    • Feed supply needs to be mitigated through greater imports
    • Private investment must be encouraged
    • Animal health care should become a priority
    • create better incentive structures for investment in livestock
    • State governments should sponsor research
    • focus on developing markets, infrastructure and institutions
  • How to improve conditions of migrant workers?
    • Enable migrant workers to get deserved access to various government schemes.
    • Access to Anganwadi facilities should be provided
    • Compliance of multiple laws exist for the welfare of construction workers should be ensured
    • Registration of workers with the Welfare Board should be made mandatory.
    • to improve the condition of women, strict anti-harassment laws should be implemented.
    • Creche facilities at construction sites should be provided
    • Workers should also be provided with training and skilling in their areas of interest
  • While India’s post-Independence rural policy has primarily been about driving people away from agriculture and towards cities, we must now incentivise job creation at their doorstep.