Civil Services – Prelims Focus Group (CS-PFG)

Objective of CS-PFG Program

Chrome IAS Academy is launching a Comprehensive Prelims Revision Program, Civil Services - Prelims Focus Group (CS - PFG). Through this program we intend to cover the most important and essential part of General Studies with respect to Civil Services Preliminary Exam. Of late a new trend has emerged in Preliminary Exam and UPSC is trying to check the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the candidate. This requires exhaustive preparation and a regular practice.

Approach & Strategy of CS-PFG Program

Join Civil Services - Prelims Focus Group (CS-PFG)

Daily Test Assignments for Exhaustive & In-depth Syllabus Revision for CSE - Prelims, 2019 | Starting from 3rd December, 2018


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CS-PFG - 2019 (35 Minutes) Booster Tests

Check Detailed Plan for any Confusion.

Candidates are requested to come in their allocated slots.

Kindly attempt paper with all sincerity and honesty to have maximum benefit.

Online students must start paper at their preferred time else software will not generate result. Institute will not be liable for this.

Keys and Solutions will be updated on website in the late evening - Time will be announced later - PW Protected.

Results will be uploaded Next day.

Students are requested not to panic for minor hiccups. If there is any discrepancy in the results , mail us at -

(Students can Email their preferences of Morning or Evening slot)

A message to Online Students - "One can identify and defeat the enemy outside; but its difficult to defeat the conscience". Keep the sanctity of the program intact and let not your offline counterparts feel the process is biased.

(For Online Students)

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Time Window - 11:00 AM to 06:00 PM. But Students will have to attempt in their preferred time slot without fail.
(*Working Professional, kindly let us know if flexibility is needed.)

(For Offline Students)

Morning Batch I - 08:30 AM to 09:05 AM
Morning Batch II - 09:15 AM to 09:50 AM
Evening Batch - 07:00 PM to 07:35 PM (Batch Full)

Students can come to centre 15 minutes prior to the Test | Paper will be given as per the Batch Timings.


How is it different from Test Series?

Test Series, no doubt is important, but that comes once in a fortnight. While under CS-PFG Program, aspirant has the opportunity to test himself/herself on daily basis and set goals and meet them regularly. This not only brings organisation into the preparation but every productive day acts as a confidence building milestone. Moreover, the coverage of CS-PFG is far more exhaustive as compared to Test Series.

One might have got inherent talent, but the talent must be polished to lead to success. And CSE is more about hard work. Luck ,can only play its role after we have done our homework. So until you have done what is required there is no point in blaming luck for ones failure. With your persistent and disciplined hard work, you can complete the humongous syllabus and succeed in this exam.

Don’t forget what Einstein said - “Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work.”

Unique Features of CS-PFG Program

Every Day Test Assignments

30 questions to be given everyday for a particular time window.

Monthly Performance Assessment

Merit list to be published at the end of every month for self assessment.

Scholarship Schemes for Students

First 30 students in the merit list will be charged 'Zero Fee' for the next month.

Test Paper Solutions

Comprehensive Test Paper Solutions after every test. (*Only for Daily Tests)

Compressed Schedule

Tests schedules are tightly spaced within a span of 3-4 months for rigorous preparation.

Value for Money

At an extremely concessional rate of only Rs. 1500/- per month.

Detailed Plan of CS-PFG Program - 2019

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Not much days elapsed that we put up the link on website, and we have got stupendous response from the aspirant community. We feel obligated to answer few questions maximum number of people has asked as a query. Questions with answers are listed below.


Approx 4-5 months (Few days less or few days more).

Four days a week.

There will be bi-weekly test to ensure that aspirants revise the syllabus every fortnight.

As rightly mentioned by the aspirant, in the name of regular testing and more than optimal number of tests, what affects majorly is the quality and secondly its take a toll on the aspirant. Thus, we have kept it at 4 days/30 Questions/3 revisions.

The preparation for Civil Services should be done in an integrated manner. If we keep you engaged 6 or 7 days, you would be missing on Mains. Hence the program is well thought of where in because of dicey nature of Prelims you will have regular practice for 4 days, fortnightly revision tests and 3 days will be left for going through Mains specific syllabus (including optional), answer writing or subjective Test Series.

This is partially answered in above question. To add, in a month, 16 days will be dedicated for prelims and in the rest 14-15 days you can continue your regular study plan consisting of Mains prep including answer writing/Test Series. Also, the program judiciously intends to give 30 questions which are manageable and are necessary to crack prelims.

The program will cover Conventional, dynamic part of Conventional areas and Current Affairs thoroughly.

This program is equally applicable for fresher as well as repeaters. What stands-out in the program is its well crafted assessment tests and mentor aided pep talks. This is an endeavour where in we are committed to your success in the Civil Services Prelims Exam – 2019.

4 Tests of 30 questions each will be held from Monday to Thursday. These tests will cover conventional syllabus. At the end of the month 2 tests will cover the Current Affairs part (50-100 questions each).

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There are numerous other questions that can crop-up. If there are any specific queries related to the program you can call us or email us, we would be happy to help you in this process.

"Chrome IAS is all set to become a major stakeholder in your success."

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