Civil Services – Mains Focus Group (CS-MFG) for CS (Mains)-2019 – Starts 6th January 2019

Starts from 6th January 2019

Regular Test Assignments for Exhaustive & In-depth Syllabus Revision for CSE - Mains, 2019

Entrance Test:
23rd December, 2018

Fee: Rs. 2,500/- (Per Month)

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On the lines of CS–PFG (Civil Services – Prelims Focus Group), Chrome IAS Academy has decided to start a program which can cater to those aspirants who want to practice Mains Answer Writing simultaneously with their prelims Preparation. CS-MFG (Civil Services – Mains Focus Group) is integrated with CS-PFG syllabus, which would help you to practice answer writing on the same content and syllabus that you cover as a part of CS-PFG.

Program runs Twice a week | 4 Questions per Session (Static Portion from CS-PFG + Current Affairs) | Online/Offline Mode | Content/Pointers on Questions – as a reference | Brief Evaluation | Discussion | Scheduled days – Wednesday and Friday

This serves multiple objectives:

Pre and Mains preparation together.

You practice subjective questions on the same topics which you have covered for prelims.

This program gives you an Insight regarding the practical aspect of Mains – i.e. you get an idea whether you can express yourself in the manner required for Mains Exam.

You get an idea of recollecting aspect of your memory – i.e. what you read for Prelims, is it remaining with you or disappearing as soon as you are done with the PFG test. (Hope you get the implied meaning).