Gist of Editorials: The Bilateral Transformation (The Hindu) | GS – II

During the last decade of Ms. Hasina’s tenure as Prime Minister, high-level Bangladesh-India engagement has intensified.

Relevance : GS Paper II (Indian Economy)

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There has been  victory of Sheikh Hasina in Bangladesh elections.

India-Bangladesh Relations In Recent Times

  • Bangladesh has emerged as a key interlocutor in India’s ‘Act East Policy’.
  • In Bangladesh, domestic political consensus, has emerged in favour of close ties with India.
  • Bangladesh denied support to Indian insurgent groups.
  • Bangladesh is India’s largest trading partner in South Asia .
  • The Padma multipurpose bridge will enhance connectivity with India.
  • Waterways are also being revived to reduce the cost of trade.
  • Bangladesh has provided for faster Internet connectivity in India’s northeastern States.
  • India has become a partner in Bangladesh’s nuclear power programme.
  • An SEZ in Bangladesh for Indian manufacturing companies has been mooted.
  • Indian investment in Bangladesh has reached $3 billion.
  • India has provided/committed Bangladesh credit and grants reaching $8 billion.
  • The visa regime has been liberalised and number of visas increased.
  • Bangladesh has taken effective steps against those inspired by the Islamic State.

Challenges Ahead

  • Adverse balance of trade; Bangladeshi exports have plateaued.
  • Islamist organisations have been breeding grounds in Bangladesh.
  • Rohingya issue has led to setbacks in India-Bangladesh ties..
  • Issue of the illegal migration due to NRC in Assam.
  • Sharing of river waters will remain a challenge.
  • China’s footprint has grown in Bangladesh.