Test Series

Test Series Program Objective

Since the inception of Chrome IAS Academy, we have believed in one simple truth that selection of a candidate in Civil Services Examination is primarily because of the efforts of the candidate himself. We have seen good number of aspirants clearing Preliminary Examination, but fail to pass Main Examination, and the main reason behind it is not that they were not capable but they were not guided in proper manner and were kept in false hopes or were made to master just one stage of the exam.

It is important to understand at the first place, “What should be the motive of Test Series”? If it is to have more and more questions being repeated, then perhaps best would be to take all sources and compile in a document which at times is so bulky, and in reality has very little substance. The important and perhaps the only question that matters is, how well have you trained your mind to respond to the main and the final event, which comes only after thoroughly practicing an exhaustive and well-designed test program clubbed with right feedback. This remains our never-ending endeavor at Chrome IAS Academy to provide the same.

Approach & Strategy

We believe that enrolling for test series is justified only if it serves the following purposes: First is Training of Mind, if that is achieved half of the battle is won. And the primary purpose of the test series at Chrome IAS Academy is this. Second important aspect of our well-crafted program is to act as a Priming factor. It will help you prepare for the final event and act as a close rehearsal. All of our Test Series Programs comes with Sectional Assessment Plan, so as to keep aspirants in a step wise learning model. Third purpose of our Test Series is to give you a platform to Revisit Important Issues and also topics that might have skipped your gaze. It will help you implement what you have learned over time and see, where you stand in comparison with others. Fourth and perhaps the most important aspect is the Right Feedback which is customized based on the assessment of the aspirant by our faculties.

General Studies Test Series

The Mains Exam is intended to assess the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of candidates rather than merely the range of their information and memory. Through the constant effort of Chrome IAS Team, our various Test Series programs on General Studies have been upgraded and enriched in response to the rapidly changing demands of UPSC. A strong foundation in General Studies through increased emphasis on regular Tests, Sectional Assessment and continuous improvement strategies developed by our experienced faculties, will enhance your presentation skills, boost confidence and develop overall personality.

Optional Paper Test Series

Backed by the team of well qualified and experienced faculties, state of the art infrastructure, and ongoing research & analysis of the civil services exam patterns, we have developed each of our Optional Test Series Program completely in tune with the dynamic nature of examination and expectations of UPSC. Being the most comprehensive offering from Chrome IAS Academy, our Optional Paper Answer-Writing Courses include complete access to study material, full participation in the Sectional Assessment and continuous Mentor guidance.

Unique Features of Chrome IAS Test Series Program

UPSC Pattern

Question Papers are prepared strictly as per the UPSC pattern to evaluate analytical skills.

Personalized Attention

We provide individual specific assistance, concrete feedback and attention to every aspirant.

Flexible Test Plan

Online/Offline flexible Test plan to suit students' convenience and level of preparedness.

Relevant Study Material

All the study materials and current affairs resources are updated to students in real time.

Mentor aided Continuous Improvement

Personal guidance for clarification of doubts via phone, email and over in-person sittings.

Technological Support

Online portal to access study material, track progress and receive program updates.

What Toppers are Saying

Thank you Chrome IAS for giving me such a valuable guidance

Patil Bhuvnesh Devidas - Chrome IAS

Bhuvanesh Devidas Patil - Chrome IAS

Bhuvanesh Devidas Patil (IAS), AIR-59 (CSE – 2017)

Chrome IAS acts as a constant mentor which makes it different from the rest

Saurabh Pratap Singh - Chrome IAS

Saurabh Pratap Singh, AIR-295 (CSE – 2017)

Chrome IAS helped me prioritize on value addition as well as the presentation of answers

Amit Chandra Sunal Chrome IAS

Amit Chandra Sunal (IRS), AIR-341 (CSE – 2017)

I am thankful to Chrome IAS and Mridul Sir for my Success in CSE 2017

Tushar Dudi - Chrome IAS

Tushar Dudi, AIR-617 (CSE – 2017)

Chrome IAS is Different, Reliable and Responsible

Nitin Gaur IAS

It’s Different, Reliable and Responsible. “Evaluation” and “Right Feedback” are the most critical aspects of any test series meant for MAINS and at the least these are an assured feature of this test series.

Nitin Gaur, IAS

Thankful to Chrome IAS for their help in formulating a strategy

Arvind Sukumar, IPS

Considering the unpredictability and the amount of effort one has to expend to clear the civil services exam, proper guidance can be the sole difference between making it to the final list and falling behind. Personalized attention by Chrome IAS and their help in formulating a strategy in cracking the mains exam has played a critical role in my success.

Arvind Sukumar, IPS

Chrome IAS helped me immensely all through my preparation

Ruchi Singh, IFoS

I joined Chrome IAS for Test Series and Interview program. Overall good experience with the Institute. They helped me immensely all through my prep, and at last paid off with 37th Rank in IFoS in 2016.

Ruchi Singh (IFoS, Rank 37)

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