Gist of Editorials: Parliamentary Disruption (Indian Express) | GS – II

 Relevance – Polity & Governance

700 words reduced to 100

Parliamentary disruption which was an exception earlier, have become the new normal.

The Role of the Presiding Officers

  • During this session the presiding officers showed firmness.
  • Disrupting MPs were suspended from the proceedings of Parliament.
  • Presiding officers also changed rules to better deal with disruptions

The Nature of Disruptions

  • Disorders arise due to lack of opportunities to make one’s
  • Deliberate disturbances for publicity or for political motives.

Loss due to Disruptions

  • Significant loss of scheduled time.
  • Derailment of the legislative agenda.
  • Lesser number of bills being passed.
  • Non-reference of bills to parliamentary committees.
  • No time for discussions on any national issues.


Our MPs  have fallen short of their constitutional duty.