UPSC Prelims Test Series 2023

Test Starts: 1st July

No. of Tests: 40 Test


GS Prelims Test Series for UPSC is one of the most crucial factor in the life of any successful Civil Services Aspirant. It is one of the first stages of IAS Exam without clearing which an aspirant’s dream of becoming a Civil Servant can never be materialized.

Thus, we at Chrome IAS believe that IAS Prelims Test Series must provide an all round solution to a student.

Chrome IAS Prelims Test Series for 2023 is a package of power-packed questions ranging from all important NCERTs to Standard Books (Download Important NCERTs for UPSC Exam) to News Paper current affairs material.

We are of the opinion that if, a student religiously follows these tests and is able to develop an indepth understanding of the concepts behind the questions asked in UPSC Prelims Test Series then, success will not be far.

Success in UPSC Prelims Exam is dependent on multiple factors and one of the most crucial factor is MCQ Practice . This year long Test Series will help students excel in Civil Services Prelims Exam




Components of PTS

UPSC Preliminary Exam is designed to check candidates’ horizontal coverage of General Studies. This is the simple rule of thumb for the aspirant to comprehensively prepare for the Prelims Exam. 
Chrome IAS announces Prelims Test Series 2023 for the upcoming Civil Services Prelims Exam. We do not want to claim anything at this point, as testimonials of our students who have succeeded in the UPSC Exam are enough to vouch for the quality of our UPSC Prelims Test Series. 
UPSC Test Series is one of the most crucial steps in one’s success – as we believe that good Prelims Test Series supported with effective prelims study material and mentor support can help one clear IAS Prelims Exam. 
We have divided the Online Prelims Test Series for the UPSC Prelims into different papers. Schedule Attached for UPSC Prelims Exam. 

Our Main focus for UPSC Prelims Test Series : 

  • Broad coverage of Prelims Syllabus
  • Revision of the Syllabus
  • Effective Study material for upsc Prelims
  • PIB current affairs
  • Most important questions for upsc Prelims
  • Most important current affairs for Prelims
  • Questions from the Hindu , Indian Express and PIB
  • Current Affairs in the form of Yellow Books (PIB)
Chrome IAS Test Series for Prelims 2023 is a well thought out plan with best questions from the suggested book list – For Example – Bipan Chandra , Plassey to Partition , G.C Leong , NCERTs , Uma Kapila , Ramesh Singh , Atlas , Economic Survey , Budget , Art and Culture , PIB website , The Hindu Website , Indian Express website, etc. 
Chrome IAS in the last few years has made a name in Test Series for Prelims and helped hundreds of aspirants in clearing UPSC Prelims Exam
Schedule of one the the best prelims test series 2023 can be downloaded from the given link. Test Series for UPSC
The importance of Prelims Mock Tests can not be undermined. As UPSC Toppers, year on year has made it clear that UPSC Prelims Test Series is very crucial in getting success in IAS Prelims Exam. 
Not only GS Prelims Test Series but also CSAT Test Series is crucial now. Because in the last few years , the difficulty of the CSAT paper has been increasing. So one needs to be well prepared for the IAS CSAT Exam. 
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High quality Prelims Test Series 

Frequently Asked Questions

Each  test would consist of 100 Questions with a time duration of 2 hours.

Since Test would be available on Chrome IAS App you may give your missed test anytime.

No, You may postpone the tests but not prepone them. Tests would be uploaded on the app as per scheduled time only.

Tests would be available on your designated portal till Prelims Test

No, You may attempt each test only once.

Yes, a dedicated mentor will be allotted to you for resolving your Prelims related queries.

No, there would be no discussion of each test as such discussions videos do not add much value to your Prelims preparation and also they are much time consuming

Yes, You can download the Question Papers. This will help you in Revision.

Yes, we will give our students PIB Compilation of 15 Months.