UPSC – Civil Services Examination 2018 – Mains Exam Result Announced!!

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UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination 2018 Result


A Message to Students


Much awaited Mains examination results are out.

Congratulations to those who reached the cut off. Those who are on the other side, be patient and maintain your composure in this tough time. Motivational quotes will not work here, but trust us time heals everything.

Call your parents, friends or dear ones. Talk, cry, vent out your frustration, cry again, but not for more than 2 days. From here you have only two ways, either get depressed and perish OR wear a smile on your face and RISE. We want you to rise.

Sometimes your dreams are not only your dreams. In this journey intentionally or unintentionally many become a part of your dream, they do care about your success and failure. If you give up they will lose. So RISE.

Promise yourself, next time there will be no next time, you can, you will, reboot yourself, introspect and come to the field. Next year, when you type control+F, there should be 1 result found. Believe in yourself. We do!! Wish you all the best.

To selected candidates, Interview is a crucial stage, it makes or breaks. It will decide your rank, cadre and future prospects . This is the final step, focus and most importantly dream. Dreams do come true. For more clarity and guidance you can talk to our experts, selected candidates and we will guide you in our best possible ways.

Last year we had a modest start with around 46 students and we remember we had sleepless nights. We became a part of your journey. One to one discussions, pep talks and sometimes morning tea with aspirants. Out of 46, we are glad that 19 cleared this rugged step. Thanks for your efforts.

Personally we feel that, one of the disadvantage or advantage of working in coaching Industry is that we are reminded of our failures and successes via yours. Happy for the 19 selected students and feeling bad for rest, but not hopeless. Everyone have their time and it will surely come. Be determined and keep persevering.

All the best to everyone.

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