Preliminary Test Series – Broad Object

Preliminary Test Series!

Preliminary exam has become too dicey after making CSAT qualifying as candidate has no cushion to improve his/her not so good performance in General Studies Paper I.  On top of that GS I is taking candidates for a roller coaster ride. You never know which side it will turn until it’s already there.

So, when competition has become too tough, you need to prepare for it in a comprehensive and intelligent manner. No doubt, knowledge is the first prerequisite to clear the examination, be it PRELIMINARY or MAINS. But, what one has to ask himself and get the answer is , Is it the only and most important thing to ace the examination?

Why we said that one has to get the answer by himself is, because if answers come from within rather told from outside, they lead to INSIGHT development. And this is what we believe is the most important part in the game.

Until and unless, you develop your own insight – be it any coaching, be it any evaluator – it won’t lead to success. We can help you to know and practice this art – but we can’t do it for you. It’s as simple as saying – One can cook delicious food for you – but as we say, the proof of pudding is in eating. To enjoy the taste you will have to have it !

Our basic and concrete idea behind TEST SERIES – is this only.

There are aspirants who could NOT clear preliminary examination after multiple attempts and same goes with MAINS. We want you to come up with your own solution – we being just a facilitator.

So, with clarifying a part of our methodology and strategy , we have devised following modules for aspirants at different levels of preparation:



1> consisting of - " 10 Comprehensive Tests – All Full Length".

For ones who need a simulation of final event and think that they have sufficient level of preparation and side by side want to invest more time in their optional or mains preparation.


1> consisting of - " 5 Sectional Tests + 10 Comprehensive Full Length Tests".

For those entrants in the field who would like to channelize their efforts and plan a gradual and consistent journey towards their goal.

Sectional: Polity, Geography, Economy+ Environment & Ecology, Current Affairs + Science & Tech, History + Art & Culture

All Important sources covered for STATIC PART as well as MOST COMPREHENSIVE coverage of 
Current Affairs . 
EXPLANATION for the Test questions to fill in the knowledge gaps.

One thing that should be told at the starting is – This exam calls for not only intelligence but ‘Intelligent TIME management’ as well. And time management is only possible when you have time.

THIS is the REASON we have NOT kept the NUMBER of TESTS like 25-30.

Moreover – one has to understand clearly, that when number of tests increases beyond a point– it not only becomes REPETITIVE in terms of QUALITY questions but also create UNNECESSARY PRESSURE on the candidate. And the time which s/he should be utilizing for REVISION, goes in attempting tests which consist of questions which are far away from UPSC examination pattern

Having said and explained some crucial points, we leave it to your WISDOM. Its upto you to read between the lines.

Hope WE enjoy and cherish the journey TOGETHER. All The Best !

Note:You will have to be serious and committed in terms of preparation – Else the PLAN won’t work- neither for YOU nor for US.