All India – Mains Open Test for CSE (Mains) 2019

It's quite a mystery that majority of aspirants who are preparing from last few years, have once again become the victim of this herculean exam.

At times of despair and failure, we have been hearing words of sympathy, in various forms, but as said words alone can not make the difference.

It is rightly said,

"koshish karne waalo ki haar nahi hoti", but, " kya har woh vyakti jo haarta hai, kya woh koshish nai karta?"

No doubt the first statement above holds water , but the answer for the second is not tough to imagine. There are hundreds of aspirant trying hard to get in , to clear Prelims , to clear Mains and to clear Interview.

No doubt , the exam entails for integrated preparation , but to say that strategy for every stage is same , would be grossly wrong . There goes a story which can be narrated at this point. At one point of time , there used to be a king , who was quite meticulous in his approach towards his subjects. He used to think of his subjects as his own family and was always thinking to help them . The only source of water , to the kingdom was a river and the kingdom had a flourishing flora as a result of it.

But , as every story is futile , which has no Villain . Here comes the point , when a King more powerful and ambitious wanted to acquire the prosperous kingdom of the benevolent king. The ambitious king , knew , that if he tried to overpower the king , the benevolent king might get help from the other kings having the fear of similar attacks on their kingdom , so what he did was to silently divert the water of the river , which eventually force the king to bow down in front of him .

Soon the word got spread , and the benevolent king got the news from his spies. He was no less smart , he asked every citizen of his kingdom to work day and night , and do two things . Firstly , create huge storage tanks and secondly to look out for source of ground water . As said , where there is a will , there is a way. But not only this , there has to be application of mind . As to dig vast land and find source of water is not an easy task . The King asked the people to look out for the Neem Tree , which is an indicator for the underground water.

This is called Smart Strategy , that without overtly fighting the ambitious king , benevolent king could avert a threat on his kingdom and with time built heavy fortress around .

The purpose is , that sometime , we need to incorporate certain changes in our approach . This could be anything , from changing the optional to changing the way we have been attempting . But the most important thing in this , that you should be open to ideas and experimentation .

We are conducting an Open Mock, which will not only give you a chance to write after a gap of couple of months , so your natural way of writing will be reflected and that it will break the monotony of doing only Prelims related stuff.

We have kept a fee for this test as we want only serious aspirants to attempt it. Secondly , half of the admissions in Mains Test Series will be from this lot ( interested ones obviously).

About the Test:

20 questions
Equal number of questions from each paper
Duration - 3 hours
Who get at least 40% of the attempted marks - will qualify for the Mains Test Series ( Exclusive Batch)