GS History Module Class – Pre-cum-Mains – 2019/20

 History-Module Classes

Course Starts – 17th June 

Timing – 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Fee : – 22,000 (Inclusive of Taxes)

This program has been designed for those students who have to build foundation integrated with advance knowledge as well. The course deals with preparation of History module for Prelims and Mains.


  • Coverage of Modern History (Diversity of Topics)
  • Coverage of World History and Post Independence
  • Complete Coverage of Art and Culture
  • Coverage of Ancient and Medieval History (Prelims Perspective)
  • Extensive detailed Classes
  • Discussion of questions
  • Answer Writing Practice
  • Detailed analysis and coverage of previous year questions.
  • Special Classes for discussion of factual information which have exam orientation
  • Enriched Content oriented for efficient performance

This module is an opportunity to master History Portion in order to clear prelims as well as improve marks in mains. This module is designed for fresher as well as Second timers who want to improve their content for History to boost their marks in GS-I as well as Essay. Course may go upto 15 weeks as this is a detailed course.

Sub Modules (History)

  • World History (30 Hrs)(Mains oriented)
  • Post Independence (15 Hrs)
  • Modern History (45-50 Hrs)
  • Ancient and Medieval History (24 Hrs)
  • Culture (30 Hrs)

Sub Modules are also available. Students who have doubts only in sub-topics and want to join Sub Modules are also encouraged.

The History module Commences after preliminary stage in the second week of June. Dates will be announced after preliminary examination. The first Sub Module to be taken is World History.

What you get as a part of Course :

  • 360ᵒ mentoring for students by expert faculty to shape opinions and perspectives.
  • The top notch results that the academy has achieved within such a short time frame roots to our nature of commitment to the student not just on academic perspective, but also on developing general intellectual understanding. And for that matter we provide,
  • One on One Sessions with the Faculties.
  • Student Achiever Interaction : Here we facilitate interactions with selected candidates or people already in services, so that every student channelizes their preparation accordingly as we firmly believe that “One Shoe Fit For All” is a recipe for failure to many.
  • Personal Mentorship by faculty where the commitment is guaranteed beyond course time.
  • The design of the course is to help candidate even without a prior background in the subject. Thus patient method of teaching is adopted with an aim to convert a fresher into expert.
  • Detailed-analytical study of the subject for maximization of score.
  • Learning the Art of utilization of limited content into Answer writing.
  • Efficient and Professional Management team as we understand the pressure of Examination and we do not want to increase your hassle for access to your faculties and for the course.

 We are committed to guide you in streamlining all the above tenets