Don’t Bury Your Failures – Let Them Inspire You.

It is rightly said,

Never let Success Get to your Head; never let failure Get to your Heart!

It’s a testing moment for those who could not clear Civil Services – Preliminary examination. Be it their First, Second or nth attempt. Pain is equally felt irrespective of the number of attempts made.

But yes, here it must be accounted, that the pain of the people who had their last attempt in this journey is going to be more than the rest of the category. And also the fear (consciously chosen over pain) of those who had their second last attempt is going to be all time high and more than anybody else for the obvious reasons which don’t need to be mentioned.

So the article is not going to be another one on the stack; which are already present on the virtual space in plethora. To be very frank it is easier said than done. One who is running from the hell knows the reality best.

So, based on above categorisation (that we did) – there are 3 categories:

  1. Whose attempts are remaining and is more than one.
  2. One attempt remaining.
  3. Journey with UPSC has come to a dead end.

Let’s go in descending order:

For Third category, just one thing – It’s time to move on. We believe that the world is a matrix and you are bound to fit in some other domain of this matrix – as simple as that. There is no point in grieving and repenting the decision to come to UPSC Prep. You did what your heart said you should do at that moment. Then why repent. Just do what your heart says is right now and when you could bear the stress and pressure what UPSC forces upon one – You can do good in whatever way you go. What is required is just the recollection of the internal energy.

For Second – More than Motivation what you need is overpowering your FEAR. Else No matter how motivated you are right now, no matter you read motivating words of any topper, or any article on any website any platform; at the end your FEAR will ruin everything.

So just find out the way to keep the fear of last attempt at the bay.

Just for reference – 2015 – Rank 69th – Nitin Gaur – cleared the examination in his last attempt and FIRST Interview. (The recent examples are bound to come first in memory – You will also find his testimonial here).

Now the First category – This is the most privileged as of now – having the opportunity to lavishly spend few more attempts in experimenting.

But for the serious ones – The TIME has come – if you have a passion and fire burning inside you – nurture it with your effort and hard work and don’t let precious time slip from your hands.

Get the right guidance and better honest one – because many a time’s right guidance may not be the honest one for you as that could be tailor made to suit your expectations.  (Hope you get the meaning we want to convey). Sometime harsh words do more good than the sweet ones.

So, few days of rest which should be accompanied by internal churning and pin pointing the mistakes done in this attempt – will sow the seeds of success in the coming attempt.

This is it !

“FAILURE is good as long as it doesn’t become a HABIT”.


If anyone of you wants to have a talk with our team members to discuss the strategy and nuances of the examination – we are just a message away. More than a Teacher what an aspirant need is a – friend, philosopher and a guide.