Civil Services – Prelims Focus Group – 2020 , Starts 29 July, 2019

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Starts from 29 July ,2019

[ 200 + SELECTIONS in PRELIMS 2019 from our PFG BATCH 2019

Alternate Day Test (Monday, wednesday, friday) Assignments for Exhaustive & In-depth Syllabus Revision for

CSE – Prelims, 2020

online /offline

Expected No. of Questions Practised – 5150

FEES – Monthly – 2100 /- (Exclusive of Taxes)

 Complete Course – 13000 /- (Exclusive of Taxes)

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MWF 2020_Syllabus Aligned with Tests

Objective of CS-PFG Program

Chrome IAS Academy is launching a Comprehensive Prelims Preparation Program, Civil Services – Prelims Focus GroupThrough this program we intend to cover the important and essential part of General Studies with respect to Civil Services Preliminary Exam in a comprehensive manner.

Of late a new trend has emerged in Preliminary Exam and UPSC is trying to check the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the candidate. This requires exhaustive preparation, a regular practice with proper revision plan to ensure consolidation. Chrome IAS Test Series focuses on these aspects of preparation and tries to prepare students for facing UPSC Prelims Exams.

How is it different from Test Series?

Test Series, no doubt is important, but that comes once in a fortnight or week. While under ?????, aspirant has the opportunity to test himself/herself on every alternate day and set goals and meet them regularly.

The most important feature of test series is multiple revision tests which helps in proper consolidation of whatever has been studied in last week. Four types of revision tests have been planned:

  • Sectional Revision Tests: These revision tests are placed on weekly bases (after every three tests) so that a student is able to revise whatever studies previously.
  • Subject wise Revision Tests: These tests are placed at end of every subject so that further refinement in subject preparation is done. This helps in strengthening long-term memorizing, recalling capacities.
  • Combined Revision Test: In these the subjects which have already been recently covered are also covered. Like After covering polity and economy, revision of both these subjects will be done. This is to avoid too much gap between 3rd revision of subject.
  • Comprehensive Test: Covering syllabus from all subjects, to check students overall final readiness for examination.

The advantages of this approach results into smooth coverage of syllabus with proper consolidation, which is shown in image below:

  • Tests Per Subject: Tests per subject have been decided based on importance, syllabus of the subject resulting into different combination of tests summarised below.

This approach not only brings organisation into the preparation but every productive day acts as a confidence building milestone. Moreover, the coverage of ????is far more exhaustive as compared to other conventional Test Series.

One might have got inherent talent, but the talent must be polished to lead to success. And CSE is more about hard work. Luck ,can only play its role after we have done our homework. So until you have done what is required there is no point in blaming luck for ones failure. With your persistent and disciplined hard work, you can complete the humongous syllabus and succeed in this exam.

Don’t forget what Einstein said – “Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work.”