Civil Services – Mains Focus Group (CS-MFG)

Objective of CS-MFG Program

On the lines of CS–PFG (Civil Services – Prelims Focus Group), Chrome IAS Academy has decided to start a program which can cater to those aspirants who want to practice Mains Answer Writing simultaneously with their prelims Preparation. CS-MFG (Civil Services – Mains Focus Group) is integrated with CS-PFG syllabus, which would help you to practice answer writing on the same content and syllabus that you cover as a part of CS-PFG.

There are three core areas which UPSC or any other exams such as life tries to check in a candidate:

Perseverance: UPSC check this perseverance quality in a candidate via subjects such as Art and Culture, World History etc. You do not like the subject, still you read. You would not relate to it, still you get out of your bed and read. You do not give up, you read.

Objectivity: Via Paper 2 and Paper 3 this part can be analyzed, these two papers are dynamic in nature and demands analysis. One needs to be thorough with the static part as wells as a bird’s-eye view on the day to day happenings. It checks your concern for surrounding.

How to deal with an unfamiliar Situations: Ethics and Essay falls under it. Every aspirant knows there is no fixed book or notes or any other coaching classes including us which can spoon-feed aspirants. There is no tried and tested methods for these two papers. You have to react as well as respond in those three hours only. At max an aspirant can do is to train her/his mind to react to unfamiliar questions/situations. (Why his/her always, give them the honour they deserve).

CS-MFG program has been designed in such a way to check aforementioned criterias.


This serves multiple objectives:

Pre and Mains preparation together.

You practice subjective questions on the same topics which you have covered for prelims.

This program gives you an Insight regarding the practical aspect of Mains – i.e. you get an idea whether you can express yourself in the manner required for Mains Exam.

You get an idea of recollecting aspect of your memory – i.e. what you read for Prelims, is it remaining with you or disappearing as soon as you are done with the PFG test. (Hope you get the implied meaning).


Join Civil Services - Mains Focus Group (CS-MFG)

Regular Test Assignments for Exhaustive & In-depth Syllabus Revision for CSE - Mains, 2019

Program Starts:
6th January, 2019

Entrance Test:
23rd December, 2018
Test Timing: 01:00 PM | Duration: 90 Minutes


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CS-MFG Program Features

Program runs Twice a week | 4 Questions per Session (Static Portion from CS-PFG + Current Affairs) | Online/Offline Mode | Content/Pointers on Questions – as a reference | Brief Evaluation | Discussion | Scheduled days – Wednesday and Friday. (If you miss writing the test on these days, though you can write, but it will not be evaluated – Sincerity and Punctuality is called for - Days might change)

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Program Fee – Rs. 2,500/- per month.

There are numerous other questions that can crop-up. If there are any specific queries related to the program you can call us or email us, we would be happy to help you in this process.

"Chrome IAS is all set to become a major stakeholder in your success."

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MFG.. MONTH 3.. March


Same as Feb last week


Essay paper


ETHICS case studies


Essay paper

MFG.. MONTH 4.. April


Complete syllabus of paper 1


Complete syllabus of paper 2


Complete syllabus of paper 3


Complete syllabus of paper 4

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Not much days elapsed that we put up the link on website, and we have got stupendous response from the aspirant community. We feel obligated to answer few questions maximum number of people has asked as a query. Questions with answers are listed below.

5-6 months before prelims, we enter into “pre mode” and we tend to read only for pre, pre and pre. By doing this we ignore the most important aspect of this UPSC preparation that is ‘answer writing’. For consistency in answer writing at this stage (Pre Mode) this program is must. Just devote approximately one hour per day and you are done with answer writing practice. Normal test series will consume more time and your prelims preparation will be hampered.

This is to check your “Base Level” (Where do you stand). As we have decided to enrol only 50 students, this entrance test will help us to filter out the candidates.

Note: Students who will not be selected for this program will get their entrance test fee refunded.

To improve and improve further quality is more important than quantity. And it is always better to commit less and deliver more than vice versa. There will be some surprise elements thrown to you in the form of extra questions and essays. We will try to cover almost all important keywords mentioned in the UPSC mains syllabus and also recent happenings.

Both, it depends upon you. “Always You”. How much you extract maximum gain from any program depends upon your calibre, potential and sincerity.

Interest comes from interest. You show zeal and we will reciprocate with same. Newton’s third law is valid everywhere.

Till Last week of April. One month before Prelims this program will be discontinued.

Practically nothing. But If you join, you will surely gain something.

That’s the main agenda of this program. To give you ample time for pre preparation. “Analysis of the facts” and “factual analysis” is the core theme of this program.

Click Here to Download the FAQs (PDF)


There are numerous other questions that can crop-up. If there are any specific queries related to the program you can call us or email us, we would be happy to help you in this process.

"Chrome IAS is all set to become a major stakeholder in your success."

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Name: Chrome IAS Academy LLP

Account Number: 250001190617

IFSC Code: INDB0000735

*Submit your online transaction reference number along with your choice of Exam Mode (Online/Offline) while registering for the program.

What Toppers are Saying

Thank you Chrome IAS for giving me such a valuable guidance

Patil Bhuvnesh Devidas - Chrome IAS

Bhuvanesh Devidas Patil - Chrome IAS

Bhuvanesh Devidas Patil (IAS), AIR-59 (CSE – 2017)

Chrome IAS acts as a constant mentor which makes it different from the rest

Saurabh Pratap Singh - Chrome IAS

Saurabh Pratap Singh, AIR-295 (CSE – 2017)

Chrome IAS helped me prioritize on value addition as well as the presentation of answers

Amit Chandra Sunal Chrome IAS

Amit Chandra Sunal (IRS), AIR-341 (CSE – 2017)

I am thankful to Chrome IAS and Mridul Sir for my Success in CSE 2017

Tushar Dudi - Chrome IAS

Tushar Dudi, AIR-617 (CSE – 2017)

Chrome IAS is Different, Reliable and Responsible

Nitin Gaur IAS

It’s Different, Reliable and Responsible. “Evaluation” and “Right Feedback” are the most critical aspects of any test series meant for MAINS and at the least these are an assured feature of this test series.

Nitin Gaur, IAS

Thankful to Chrome IAS for their help in formulating a strategy

Arvind Sukumar, IPS

Considering the unpredictability and the amount of effort one has to expend to clear the civil services exam, proper guidance can be the sole difference between making it to the final list and falling behind. Personalized attention by Chrome IAS and their help in formulating a strategy in cracking the mains exam has played a critical role in my success.

Arvind Sukumar, IPS

Chrome IAS helped me immensely all through my preparation

Ruchi Singh, IFoS

I joined Chrome IAS for Test Series and Interview program. Overall good experience with the Institute. They helped me immensely all through my prep, and at last paid off with 37th Rank in IFoS in 2016.

Ruchi Singh (IFoS, Rank 37)

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