“Preparation of Civil Service by a Civil Servant”

Demo Class – 27th June , 2019

Batch Start – 1st July , 2019

Fee – 45,000/- ( Inclusive Tax )

1. Comprehensive coverage of UPSC syllabus of PSIR in 4 months .

2. Indepth classroom lectures. (2 and a half hours intensive study for five days a week).

3. Small Batches for personalized attention.

4. Gradual raising of teaching level to allow even non Political Science background students to excel in UPSC Mains.

5. Study Approach:

  • Diagrammatic approach to PSIR for developing a bird eye view of the entire syllabus.
  • Coverage of important themes of PSIR syllabus ( both Paper 1 & Paper 2) by the means of Q&A which will make you exam ready. This would include discussion of previous years UPSC question papers as well.
  • Targeted discussions of important and recent topics, regarding Indian Polity and International Relations. ( Paper 1 , section B and Paper 2, Section B).
  • Coverage of new and emerging theoretical issues, especially in Paper 1 Section A and Paper 2 Section A .
  • Discussions on certain extendable theoretical topics pertaining Political Ideology, Political Theory, Western & Indian Political Thought, Comparative Politics and Theories of International Relations.
  • Developing in students the art of linking Political Science theory with current issues.

6. Improving writing skills through answer writing practice sessions.

  • Class Tests – for evaluation of students writing skills.

Lectures will be conducted by Dr. Joshi

( Ex Civil Servant with rich 6 years teaching experience of the discipline.)

Law Optional For Mains – CSE – 2019

Batch Starts- 21st  June , 2019

Demo Class -14 th June ,2019

Class Time – 2:00 PM 

COMPREHENSIVE PACKAGE – Rs. 18,000/- (Incl. of taxes)

12 Classes of Law Optional Mains Answer Writing and Revision

Starting from 21.06.19


8 tests of Law Optional Test Series

(4 Sectional Tests + 4 Full Length Tests)

Starting from 28.06.19

Personal Feedback from Faculty Post Evaluation



OFFLINE / ONLINE – Rs. 11, 000/- (Exclusive of Taxes)

8 tests of Law Optional Test Series

(4 Sectional Tests + 4 Full Length Tests)

Personal Feedback from Faculty Post Evaluation

* There could be slight change in the day/date of Lectures and Tests.


Syllabus Breakup


Upcoming Courses / Test Series for CSE 2019-2020

Dear Students,

Please find the list of Upcoming Courses / Test series for CSE 2019-2020 with Starting Dates:

Mains Test Series 2019 : Available in both Offline & Online Mode

1) 14 TEST ,2019 : Starts 16th June

For Detailed Brochure: CLICK HERE

2) 12 TEST : Starts 16th June

For Detailed Brochure: CLICK HERE

Mains Test Series 2020 : Available in both Offline & Online Mode

1) 31 TEST : Starts 16th June

For Detailed Brochure: CLICK HERE

2) 19 TEST : Starts 16th June

For Detailed Brochure: CLICK HERE


Batch Starts – June 14th , 2019

For Detailed Brochure: CLICK HERE

ETHICS BATCH – MAINS 2019 Available Only in Offline Mode

Batch Starts : 17th June,2019

For Detailed Brochure: CLICK HERE

Mains Focus Group 2019 (Daily Answer Writing Practice Program)

1) MFG Entrance Test : 09th June,2019

For Detailed Brochure : CLICK HERE

Mains Focus Group 2020 (Daily Answer Writing Practice Program)

1) MFG Entrance Test : 09th June,2019

For Detailed Brochure: CLICK HERE


Batch Starts – 10th june , 2019

For Detailed Brochure: CLICK HERE


Batch Starts  – 17th June ,2019 

For Detailed Brochure: CLICK HERE


Batch Starts – 17th June,2019

For Detailed Brochure: CLICK HERE


Batch Starts – 17th June, 2019

For Detailed Brochure: CLICK HERE

[ CSE 2019 ] History Optional Test Series

Batch Starts –  23rd June ,2019

For Detailed Brochure: CLICK HERE


Batch Starts – 23rd June ,2019

For Detailed Brochure: CLICK HERE


Why to join Medical Sciences Test Series

  • Framing of question papers as per UPSC pattern.
  • Aspirants know the topic but UPSC ask applied questions ,thus need answer writing practice.
  • Provide opportunity to practice answer writing as per demand of question rather than what is topic.
  • Exam oriented answer writing within stipulated time of 3 hrs.
  • Six test are sufficient to cover all topics and leave sufficient time for self-study.
  • Completion of test series 1 month before mains exam give sufficient time to work on weaknesses and revision of both medical sciences and GS.
  • Test series give an opportunity for self-evaluation of answer copy.
  • Allow aspirants to identify their weak points (subject, topic, answer writing & presentation related)
  • Discussion session will cover answer of questions and quick revision of topic.
  • One to one discussion with faculty after evaluation of answer sheets.

Click Here to Download the PDF


Course and Fee Description:-

Start Date – 23rd June,2019 (Sunday)
Program Fee:- 11000/- + GST

[ CSE – 2019 ] Political Science & IR Test Series (8 Tests) – Starts 16th June, 2019

Starts from 16th June, 2019

8 Tests ( 6 Sectional + 2 Full Length)


Fee: Rs. 10,000/- (Exclusive of Taxes)

Click Here to Download the Program Details (PDF)


Limited Enrollments – This is to ensure that due attention is given to the candidates so as to guide them on “How to Improve Answer Writing “, which is often not the case when the number is huge. So, with this aspirants can be personally attended to.

Personal Interaction – Offline + Telephonic – We believe that it’s not enough to evaluate the script, in the current pattern when competition is tough, every stakeholder has to walk an extra mile. We intend to communicate to the aspirant via personal sessions and regularly providing the required inputs to the student. This ensures a gradual understanding of mistakes, without which one cannot improve.

UPSC Pattern – Question Papers are prepared strictly as per the current UPSC pattern.

Stress is on evaluating analytical skills of the aspirant rather than cramming skills.

Objectives of PSIR Test Series

  1. A rigorous revision of the syllabus by designing an exhaustive set of tests, and presenting the topics in syllabus with all possible dimensions.
  2. An insight into the general pattern of the exam, a list of topics more likely to recur in the exam based on currency and relevance.
  3. Post – test discussions involving an all-encompassing discourse on the syllabus and questions, the focus would be to help the student achieve coherence and comfort in handling the complete subject. Personal sessions with each aspirant.
  4. Enhanced answer writing skills.

    Test Series Plan

    PSIR 16JUNE 2019 8 TEST

[ CSE 2020 ] GS Mains Test Series ( Topic Wise )

Batch Starts – 16 June , 2019

Fees – 23,000 + Tax

Salient features of Topic Wise  2020:-

  • Six months program (unlike other test series module which drags throughout the year, in this plan, by the end of November , you would cover Essay, GS 1, GS 2, GS 3 and GS 4 (1250 Marks) in a comprehensive and holistic manner.
  • Target Based Approach :- Every Sunday a test will be conducted and hence you will have to cover each module in a week itself, It seems tough but so is UPSC exam. You are aspiring for “Steel Frame of India”, accept this module as a challenge, Have iron like determination to get steel frame of India.
  •  Enough time for prelims preparation :- Prelims is getting tougher year by year, if you take this module in a discipline way, you would get 6 months for prelims (December to May). Just imagine the confidence and kick you will get after completion of this module.
  •  Holistic coverage of Syllabus :- If you observe closely, each paper is divided into separate modules and also at the end of each a full length test has been provided. Special attention would be given to Essay and Ethics module.

Click Here to Download The Program Details


[ History Optional ] Mentorship Program – 2020

Batch Starts – 10 june , 2019

Personal Mentorship Program for History Optional.-2020

This module is intended on a Guidance approach where you have access to an interface for interaction with a mentor throughout the due course for preparation of Examination. This module is wonderful amalgamation of Self Study approach with coaching supervision. It also focuses on developing understanding of subject matter amongst every student for making the dream of Rank in the Examination achievable.

The course contains classes, self study approach and guidance for subject and answer writing. Through mentorship program we intend to support our students not only for 4 to 5 months of classes but till the mains 2020. A method of learning will be imparted which will make learning easy and interesting. The Course tries to bring out the quality existing within the student and to model it by mapping it to the demands of UPSC.

We acknowledge the fact that actual success is due to student’s own effort and this is why we call the program Mentorship Program.

 Features :

This program has been specially designed for those students who are fresher or have appeared in the examination once and are going to appear in Mains Examination for the next year.

Complete syllabus prescribed for the Mains Examination will be covered both intensively and extensively during the course. The course has been designed in such a way that even those students, who do not have even basic knowledge of History, will be in a position to write very good answer for any question after the completion of the course and will be able to score 300 plus marks out of the total 500 in the IAS MAINS EXAMINATION with adequate efforts and guidance.

During the course emphasis will be on the development of thorough understanding of the subject matter rather than simply cramming the facts and figures.

Special sessions will be organised for the “Development of Writing Skills” of the students.

Regularly questions will be discussed on the pattern of UPSC Mains Examination to ensure the gradual improvement of the Writing Skills and the Quality of the answers.

General Trend 

Looking at the recent pattern of Civil Services Examination one can come to a conclusion that the Mains Examination is intended to assess the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of candidates rather than merely the range of their information and memory. The nature and standard of questions are such that it tests candidate’s general awareness as well as clarity of understanding of basic concepts and its application in terms of Indian Society.

The mains score of Successful Candidates tells us a story. If we analyse their Mains MARKS-SHEET we find that it is the Marks of the OPTIONAL PAPER that is playing decisive role to secure a place in the final list.  If you look at the history of UPSC CSE examination you realize that a candidate’s individual performance can vary on a large number of parameters compared to his competitors with respect to optional or GS. But there can be Optional Subject(s) that do not fetch the marks desired as compared to the effort put in by candidates. The reality that a few Optional Subjects go through a few years of toughness either in the questions asked or the marks awarded cannot be denied.

Another truth concerned with the preparation of mains examination is that apart from the comprehending ability, a candidate should decide on how much of time he/she would be able to spend on studying an Optional Subject. A few candidates might be working while preparing or studying at a university etc, few may be comfortable with some portions of GS due to their background and can give more time to optional. Another set of aspirants have to manage more time for coverage for GS and want to pick optional that they are more comfortable with due to their background or interest. Aspirant should be able to estimate the amount of time required to study the chosen optional subject along with General Studies. Hence time management is an important criteria in choosing optional. Hence, we must understand that selection of right optional subject is a crucial criteria for good performance in mains examination.

Now let us see, Why History as an Optional is helpful to aspirants and how it helps in fetching good ranks.

  • Easy Availability of Study Material
  • Uniformity and Stability in questions
  • Time Management through Coverage of huge chunk of GS Syllabus
  • Thoroughly Engrossing and Insightfull
  • Not much dependence on Current Affairs
  • Availability of Guide
  • Contribution to Essay
  • Interesting to read (No definitions or deep philosophical theories)
  • Easy to prepare with a “Student of School” approach (Doesn’t require vast subject background)
  • Inter-related chronology oriented topics making preparation easy and fun
  • Highest number of Selection till date from this optional.

Approach to History

  • Always begin with basic book such as NCERT.
  • Develop conceptual understanding rather than memorizing and develop views and perspective.
  • Observe events from Historical perspective and develop command to understand the subject with a view of continuity and change which may help you immensely in securing good marks.
  • Make a handy “go to” Note and keep updating it.
  • Develop your own style to revise the content and map it with kind of questions asked.
  • Analyze previous years paper
  • Keep your Historical knowledge updated through revisions and try and apply the content in essay. For that matter you should learn to extract the Historical news and findings from News papers and Magzines.

 Why Chrome IAS for History?

The guiding philosophy of the inception of the Academy has been to provide a fraternal atmosphere in which the students are groomed by a committed, enthusiastic and gifted core faculties. We treat each of our members as an individual personality and not just an aspirant. At Chrome IAS we aim to provide you :

  • 360ᵒ mentoring for students by expert faculty to shape opinions and perspectives.
  • The top notch results that the academy has achieved within such a short time frame roots to our nature of commitment to the student not just on academic perspective, but also on developing general intellectual understanding. And for that matter we provide,
  • One On One Sessions with the Faculties.
  • Student Achiever Interaction : Here we facilitate interactions with selected candidates or people already in services, so that every student channelizes their preparation accordingly as we firmly believe that “One Shoe Fit For All” is a recipe for failure to many.
  • Personal Mentorship by faculty where the commitment is guaranteed beyond course time.
  • The design of the course is to help candidate even without a prior background in the subject. Thus patient method of teaching is adopted with an aim to convert – a fresher into expert.
  • Detailed-analytical study of the subject for maximization of score.
  • Developing scientific approach for Answer writing in the Optional.
  • Learning the Art of utilization of limited content into Answer writing.
  • Efficient and Professional Management team as we understand the pressure of Examination and we do not want to increase your hassle for access to your faculties and for the course.

We, at Chrome IAS are committed to guide you in streamlining all the above tenets.