Questions From Our Current Affairs Classes in Civil Services prelims Examination 2019

It is great to announce that our untiring efforts led few questions from our Current Affairs classes appear in the Prelims Examination 2019.

Chrome IAS Academy would like to appreciate the work of Ghildiyal Sir in this regard.

Topics Discussed in Current Affairs Classes :

  • Inter Creditor Agreement
  • LTE
  • Maternity Benefit Act
  • PPP-India’s 3rd position
  • Forest Rights Act 2006 / Forest Act 1927
  • Solid Waste Management Rules 2016
  • Fixed Term Employment
  • Black Holes – Gravitational waves
  • CAS 9
  • Hepatitis B vs Hepatitis C
  • One Horned Rhino- Habitat
  • Blue Finned Masheer
  • Atal Innovation Mission
  • Sources of Nitrogen
  • Office of Profit
  • 99th Constitutional Amendment Act

Some logical application of the information could have helped to zero in the right answer.

We would like to advice students to keep preparing with complete zeal without any negative thought. This exam is a complete check of individuals personality and at times the principle of delayed gratification is also applicable to life.

Keep Working Hard.