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Essay Module Classroom Program for CSE-2019  – Starts 25th October, 2018

Essay Module Classroom Program for CSE-2019 – Starts 25th October, 2018

Starts from 25th October, 2018

Fee: Rs. 10,000/- (Exclusive of Taxes)

Program Objectives

It has always been a very crucial paper, which not only helps in getting Interview call but also decides one’s ‘Ranking’ in the Final List. It is normally seen – there is a wide variation in the marks in Essay – ranging from 80 on lower side to 140+ on the higher. It is no wisdom to gauge the importance of this paper hence.

Generally, in Essay classes we are told about Framework of the essay, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, some model essays and what NOT – do you really think in three hours time when we have to write two essays – we can be so systematically systematic to follow these structures. Essay writing is an art and so by the very definition can be learnt by practicing it correctly.

This Essay module is a mix of generic and specific do’s and don’ts , mistakes which are often done by aspirants in Essay paper which can ruin the chances of otherwise deserving candidate.

Truth be told, there is not a single and specific way to write an Essay and for that matter GS answers too, what is more important is to have an approach and keeping oneself open to ideas and creativity.

We strictly ask you not to have any mental block about Essay’s; do not mug anything, as said by Edgar Rice Burroughs:

“I have been successful probably because I have always realized that I knew nothing about writing and have merely tried to tell an interesting story entertainingly”.

In an Essay few things that must be taken into account could be enlisted as.

  • Language: It is required to keep language simple and standard. No informal expressions/slangs are to be used. It’s a common mistake observed among aspirants that in flow, they at times start (ignorantly) using informal expressions. This does not leave a good expression on the examiner.
  • Interesting: A good piece of writing is the one which can keep the reader bind to it.
  • Coherence: Whatever you write must convey meaning in a coherent manner. For flow to be maintained in essay one has to be conscious while writing. Since essay is stretched to 10-12 pages, so it’s natural that one miss out the central theme of the topic and become abstract in between.
  • Thoughtful Expression: It is a kind of projective technique wherein your piece of writing reflects your thinking pattern, analytical capacity, decision making capability or, in nutshell, your depth in personality.
  • Identification: It is from the perspective of both – aspirant and examiner.
  • Note: An elaborate discussion on each of these will take place in class with other value added points.

To cut the story short, the final and often unstated rule of good writing is Practice, practice and practice. Practicing one’s craft is how one internalizes and perfects it.

In this module, you will get:

  • Discussion on Generic Topics.
  • Tips on writing a decent essay.
  • How to improve score from 90-100 to 140.
  • 5 Essay Tests. (2 Papers with No Choice – so as to see ones comfortability factor in uncomfortable topics)
  • Individual Feedback on Essay Papers.

So it would suffice to end with relevant thought in the end:

“Hard Work beats the Talent when Talent doesn’t Work Hard”.


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Ethics and Essay Test Series – Mains 2018 – Starts July 1


3 Ethics + 3 Essay Papers 

Test 1 – Essay – July 1 ,  2018

Test 2 – Ethics – July 8 ,  2018

Test 3 – Essay – July 22 , 2018

Test 4 – Ethics – Aug 12 , 2018

Test 5 – Ethics – Aug 26 , 2018

Test 6 – Essay – Sep 2 ,  2018

Fee – 7000 + GST

Registration Open. Limited Seats. 


  • Exclusive Essay and Ethics Test Series also available.
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10 TESTS – For Exhaustive Practice of Essay 

Target – 140 + Marks in Essay

First Batch – 1st October 2017

Second Batch – 22nd October 2017

Third Batch – 12th November 2017

Fourth Batch – 19th November 2017

Fifth Batch –  10th December 2017

Sixth Batch – 7th January 2017

Seventh Batch – 21st January 2018

Eighth Batch –  11th February 2018

Ninth Batch – 4th March 2018

Tenth batch  – 11th April 2018


Tests on Alternate Sundays ( 1st & 3rd )

Evaluated Scripts within 10 days

Discussion – For Delhi Students @ Our ORN Centre

For Outside Delhi Students – Telephonic Sessions with assigned Mentors.

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