Why to join Medical Sciences Test Series

  • Framing of question papers as per UPSC pattern.
  • Aspirants know the topic but UPSC ask applied questions ,thus need answer writing practice.
  • Provide opportunity to practice answer writing as per demand of question rather than what is topic.
  • Exam oriented answer writing within stipulated time of 3 hrs.
  • Six test are sufficient to cover all topics and leave sufficient time for self-study.
  • Completion of test series 1 month before mains exam give sufficient time to work on weaknesses and revision of both medical sciences and GS.
  • Test series give an opportunity for self-evaluation of answer copy.
  • Allow aspirants to identify their weak points (subject, topic, answer writing & presentation related)
  • Discussion session will cover answer of questions and quick revision of topic.
  • One to one discussion with faculty after evaluation of answer sheets.

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Course and Fee Description:-

Start Date – 23rd June,2019 (Sunday)
Program Fee:- 11000/- + GST

[ CSE – 2019 ] Political Science & IR Test Series (8 Tests) – Starts 16th June, 2019

Starts from 16th June, 2019

8 Tests ( 6 Sectional + 2 Full Length)


Fee: Rs. 10,000/- (Exclusive of Taxes)

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Limited Enrollments – This is to ensure that due attention is given to the candidates so as to guide them on “How to Improve Answer Writing “, which is often not the case when the number is huge. So, with this aspirants can be personally attended to.

Personal Interaction – Offline + Telephonic – We believe that it’s not enough to evaluate the script, in the current pattern when competition is tough, every stakeholder has to walk an extra mile. We intend to communicate to the aspirant via personal sessions and regularly providing the required inputs to the student. This ensures a gradual understanding of mistakes, without which one cannot improve.

UPSC Pattern – Question Papers are prepared strictly as per the current UPSC pattern.

Stress is on evaluating analytical skills of the aspirant rather than cramming skills.

Objectives of PSIR Test Series

  1. A rigorous revision of the syllabus by designing an exhaustive set of tests, and presenting the topics in syllabus with all possible dimensions.
  2. An insight into the general pattern of the exam, a list of topics more likely to recur in the exam based on currency and relevance.
  3. Post – test discussions involving an all-encompassing discourse on the syllabus and questions, the focus would be to help the student achieve coherence and comfort in handling the complete subject. Personal sessions with each aspirant.
  4. Enhanced answer writing skills.

    Test Series Plan

    PSIR 16JUNE 2019 8 TEST

[ CSE 2020 ] GS Mains Test Series ( Topic Wise )

Batch Starts – 16 June , 2019

Fees – 23,000 + Tax

Salient features of Topic Wise  2020:-

  • Six months program (unlike other test series module which drags throughout the year, in this plan, by the end of November , you would cover Essay, GS 1, GS 2, GS 3 and GS 4 (1250 Marks) in a comprehensive and holistic manner.
  • Target Based Approach :- Every Sunday a test will be conducted and hence you will have to cover each module in a week itself, It seems tough but so is UPSC exam. You are aspiring for “Steel Frame of India”, accept this module as a challenge, Have iron like determination to get steel frame of India.
  •  Enough time for prelims preparation :- Prelims is getting tougher year by year, if you take this module in a discipline way, you would get 6 months for prelims (December to May). Just imagine the confidence and kick you will get after completion of this module.
  •  Holistic coverage of Syllabus :- If you observe closely, each paper is divided into separate modules and also at the end of each a full length test has been provided. Special attention would be given to Essay and Ethics module.

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