Daily Updates

It is an exercise to pick important and relevant info and facts from various competitive examinations in general and CSE – IAS in particular. With increasing emphasis on current affairs, aspirants cannot afford to ignore any aspect of preparation.

Note: But at the same time we don’t promote spoon feeding ( as it’s a practice among others ). We want aspirants to walk with us and work on updates – which is expected from a curious candidate. Thirst for knowledge is what drives everyone on this earth. Sometimes road to hell is paved with good intentions, so what we do not want is that aspirants rely only on updates and not read daily newspaper. First things first,  No matter what compilation you get in market, No source can supplant newspaper reading. And we are very particular about it. We go against notion that newspaper analysis be done by someone for you – its completely wrong approach. No class ( offline/video/audio) can do that. So decide accordingly.  

These are meant to compliment your preparation and to provide you an extra edge.

We are coming up with Two Series – Daily Updates & Daily Updates PLUS.

Daily Updates – Current Affairs– to have limited edition of updates to make it crisp. Intent is not to flood candidate with irrelevant information.

Daily Updates – Current Affairs PLUS– to have Facts related to contemporary topics in news and including some static ones. This will also include additional facts regarding concepts in News so as to have comprehensive understanding.

Questions in UPSC are related to direct or indirect info from newspapers. So the above mentioned series will take care of both aspects.





TRI-NETRA stands for – Terrain imaging for diesel dRivers INfra-red, Enhanced opTical& Radar Assisted system.

Ministry of Railways has initiated a proposal to install TRI-NETRA systems on locomotives for enhancing the vision of Locomotive Pilots in inclement weather.

This “Third Eye” or TRI-NETRA will give the locomotive pilot a clear view of the track ahead in bad visibility conditions so that he can apply brakes well in time. Conversely, he can speed up the train even in poor visibility if the TRI-NETRA system shows that the track ahead is clear of obstruction. The system shall also map the terrain ahead so that the driver knows when he is approaching a station or a signal. TRI-NETRA will enable the Locomotive Pilot to “see” objects from upto one kilometer away on straight track during inclement weather.

Three components of the Tri-Netra System:

  • high-resolution optical video camera
  • high sensitivity infrared video camera
  • a radar-based terrain mapping system

The concept of TRI-NETRA was developed by using the technology employed by fighter aircrafts to see through clouds and operate in pitch darkness and the technology used by naval ships in mapping the ocean floor and navigating in the night.

Neosonic Technology

Neosonic’ Technology – does not require any fuel or electricity to run.It uses “magnetic action” to reduce organic materials to three hundredth part of its original volume thus causing zero-pollution.

The technology has been brought from japan to India.

Key Facts:

  • Needs No fuel or electricity to run.
  • Reduces waste to about 1/300 of its original volume.
  • ZERO toxic substance emission and no noise pollution.
  • The end output is ONLY vapour and ceramic ash that can be used as fertilizer.
  • Mainly based on lower temperature ‘ pyrolysis ‘ – which is decomposing the Organic waste using powerful magnetic action.