Static – World History – The Two Europe Since 1945 – (6) | Focus – Mains

Notes for World History


The communist countries of eastern Europe were joined in a kind of unity under the leadership of the USSR. The main difference between the unity in eastern Europe and that in the west was that the countries of eastern Europe were forced into it by the USSR, whereas the members of the European Community joined voluntarily.

Steps taken for communist unity:

  • The Molotov Plan: It was Russian response to the American offer of Marshall Aid by providing an alternative of Marshall Aid to its satellite states.
  • The Cominform: This was set up by USSR to ensure that all the govts of the satellite states followed the same line as the govt of the USSR.
  • The COMECON: It was set up to help plan the economies of the individual states. All industry was nationalized and agriculture was collectivized.
  • The Warsaw Pact: It was signed by the USSR and all the satellite states except Yugoslavia. They promised to defend each other against any attack from outside.