Market is already flooded with number of IAS Test series( Preliminary & MAIN ); some are branded some are not so. But the idea to start a website exclusively for test series germinated when we realized that it’s a minuscule number which is able to crack PRELIMS and MAINS from these test series. That is not because of the nature and quality of the test papers but the culprit is the FEEDBACK that is tailor-made to suit the expectations of the candidate and NOT to suit the demand of the examination.

You must have seen posts by candidates and might have experienced by yourself:

  • 4th consecutive MAINS ( or for that matter Prelims )– NOT CLEARED
  • I was consistently scoring well in the so and so test series and the ONLINE platforms where my answers were praised by all, but when mark sheet comes the scenario is completely upside down for  many.

And at the same time we have examples of candidates repeatedly clearing Mains.

Have you ever given a thought why it’s so??

You must have, but were you able to zero in what then is actually required to mow down this monster. Probably, some are lucky enough to learn from failures and use their experience and INSIGHT to formulate a strategy to clear MAINS but many are NOT. It’s not always the deficient knowledge, poor language skills or other factors, perhaps it’s something else then. It would not be inappropriate to quote the tag line of one of the most respectful Ad which not only inspires one to join the Army but also fills him/her with the Glory, which is:

                                          “Do you have it in you?”

Sometime we feel, the UPSC notification should add the above tag line in its notification for civil services too.

The Un-predictable service commission as it is popularly called is a tough nut to crack. With competition increasing every year ( Flynn Effect ); candidate is expected to be well read and well informed. The information overload at the times of MAINS is enormous, and the two problems that all face is – Information retention and Information recall. At times, mind goes blank during Mains when a candidate encounters a question which he has never heard of or read during preparation. This could be dealt when candidate develops practice of Strategic Writing.

We intent to develop in you the habit of  “Strategic Writing” which will help you in answering the Mains questions in a subtle way and in a given amount of time.

Quality of Evaluation

What if CHROME IAS starts doing the same and becomes one of many common existing institutes?

We are sure, after reading the above paragraph; first thing that would come to the consciousness of an active reader is the aforesaid mentioned doubt. And it should as it’s a very valid and apt one.

At the outset let it make clear, our team consist of selected people in service, senior bureaucrats as well as retired bureaucrats who have served in some of critical positions under GoI and our target is not to get hundreds of enrollments. We will take enrollments based on our capacity and necessity. Hence, our primary concern is Quality evaluation and personal feedback to the aspirant so as to improve on his/her prep and writing skills and this will ensure a ‘noticeable improvement’.

We ensure quality of evaluation and believe that it would certainly help aspirants struggling in MAINS.

As it is said, “I am not a product of my circumstances, i am the product of my decisions’, and hence it is important to take right decision at right time.”

Serious and determined candidates would definitely gain from our PRELIMS and MAINS program.


What is different in CHROME IAS – Civils Test Series that one may not get in other available IAS MAINS Test series?

One thing that certainly will differentiate between us and with others that we take pride in guaranteeing that your scripts will be evaluated by the people who have got into SERVICE ( IAS/IPS/IRS and others ) in the current pattern and by those who have faced interview multiple times.

How does that matter?

Though UPSC mentions in the question paper that, “Content matters more than the length of the answer”, but it was never told by this holy cow what exactly is meant by content neither it was generous enough to show our scripts so that we can understand and learn from our mistakes. Hence, we have to identify and rectify the shortcomings before it’s too late and the energy and zeal gets exhausted. we will walk that extra mile with you and will provide personalized guidance and an honest feedback, as and when one require it and also provide the true picture of one’s abilities and changes required thereof (if any).

It’s not enough that you get the right guidance; more important is that you get it at the RIGHT TIME.

This is perhaps the most important question but it can be answered simply. The quality is affected when quantity is huge. Hence with experienced and dedicated team we intend to go for only limited enrollments so that people could be given due attention. It’s not only about the money you pay for our test series and feedback; it’s more about the TIME that you spend in preparing for this exam.

Today most of the material is available free of cost in the internet era. And sometimes it turns out to be a bane rather than the boon. Because candidate get so much confused with the amount of data and information that is available on the internet that s/he ends up reading everything i.e. also the content that is not required. Also the entire energy is wasted in collecting material rather focusing on ONLY the concrete content. Hence, one needs to be judicious in the choice of material. One has to know ” what not to read ” with ” What to read“. This is perhaps what differentiates a successful candidate from an unsuccessful one.

As it is said, “Nothing worth Comes Easy“, therefore it is extremely important that you keep up the hard work and motivation!!!

Last but not the least, we don’t want to show the morality in words rather we want our work to be infused with it !!!