• consisting of 15 comprehensive tests – All full length.
  • For ones who need a simulation of final event and think that they have sufficient level of preparation and side by side want to invest more time in their optional or mains preparation.

All Important sources covered for STATIC PART as well as MOST COMPREHENSIVE coverage of Current Affairs . EXPLANATION for the test questions to fill in the knowledge gaps.

A compact Current affairs Module to be provided for value addition.

Course Fee: Rs 11,000 /-

Candidate will also get online access to Preliminary Paper (GS I) from 2010-2016 to practice.



SECTIONAL MODULE  consisting of – “Sectional Tests + 10 comprehensive full length Tests.

  • For those entrants in the field who would like to channelize their efforts and plan a gradual and consistent journey towards their goal.
  1. Polity + Current Affairs, 
  2. Economy + Current Affairs,
  3. Geography + Current Affairs,
  4. History + Art & Culture + Current Affairs
  5. Ecology & Environment + Science & Tech + Current Affairs.

All Important sources covered for STATIC PART as well as MOST COMPREHENSIVE coverage of Current Affairs . EXPLANATION for the test questions to fill in the knowledge gaps.

A compact Current affairs Module to be provided for value addition.

Course Fee: Rs 11,000/-

Candidate will also get online access to Preliminary Paper (GS I) from 2010-2016 to practice.


Beginners Adda !


Every beginner has his/her style and the destiny. This program will cater to the specific demands of the changing pattern and would adequately help you to develop the right skills in initial phases.

As it’s said: “Practice makes man perfect

Going by the same token if intervention is not made at the appropriate time we happen to practice and thereof perfect the erroneous writing skills. This not only prolongs the time of preparation but also cost us crucial time and money. Here our aim is to assess the skills whether the candidate is going on right track or not. After a certain level of preparation almost every candidate accumulates sufficient knowledge base to crack the MAINS examination. But sometime this vicious cycle of preliminary and Mains seem to be un-ending and goes on for years without even once facing the interview panel.

Civil Services examination is one of the most sought after and candidates from various streams do enter the competition. Of late engineers are entering in large numbers into the Service ( Thanks To CSAT ). Coming from technical background and following the objective approach for years, sometime it becomes difficult to adapt the writing skills required to clear MAINS. In fact this is not the problem specific to engineers, graduation from other background too face problem in writing effective answers.

So it’s most important to start early to end this cycle early.

Program includes:

Starting with 5 question test, we move on to 10 question test than to full fledged 20 question test. Questions start from easy to medium to difficult level in a progressive manner.

Course Fee for 16 GS Tests (8+4+4): Rs.18,000/- ( Inclusive of Service Tax )

Advance: written MAINS Twice or more !


Having experienced this torturous process repeatedly and exhausted considerable amount of energy in collecting material ( which keeps on stacking till we either get into service or leave this field altogether) there is escalation of commitment which keeps on re-kindling the gamblers tendency in us till the JACKPOT is hit.

Here we expect that the candidate has the required knowledge base and she just needs to fine tune it to ace the examination. More than the candidates’ absolute knowledge her approach is taken into account and based on it the profiling is done.

Program includes:

Three modules under this plan:

* Advance Mains I-  4 Tests (All Comprehensive Tests) Course Fee Rs 5,500/- (Inclusive of S.T)

* Advance Mains II- 8 Tests (All Comprehensive Tests) Course Fee Rs 10,500/-(Inclusive of S.T)

* Advance Mains III-12 Tests (All Comprehensive Tests) Course Fee Rs 15,500/-Inclusive of S.T)

Mentorship Program (IGP – Individual Guidance Program) !


Today IAS preparation has become too wide as there is too much to read and at the same time too much NOT to read. Hence, if in initial phases one is not guided properly and goes preparing for the exam without any scheme, it probably costs precious time.

This program is for people:

  • Who by the nature of their hectic schedules are not able to devote too much time for the preparation, and hence for them it’s very important to have maximum output with limited inputs. This can only be achieved if one is very selective and is guided personally.
  • Based on the principle of “Catch them Young” – Young and energetic minds if given right direction and guidance can surely achieve success in this mammoth examination. Here, via this, Our Team will make assessment of Individual needs and requirements and guide the aspirant to the path of success.
  • This is also intended to target the candidates who at the mid of their preparation seems to lose track by some reason or the other. This exam requires altogether a different mindset which is difficult to get into but not impossible. So, at times there is a need to have a motivational pep talk – from self and others around. As a part of this, we will try to change the MOTIVATIONAL and THINKING pattern and consciously try to imbibe the trait of Internal Locus of Control which at time on the face of initial failures tend to move outside. This exam is not the game of Intelligent Quotient alone; it is equally more the game of Emotional Quotient.
  • This program will also cater to the needs of those who could NOT go past the PRELIMINARY Satge or the MAIN stage of the examination even after going to number of coaching’s and Test Series. We ensure sure shot success provided adequate amount of hard work is put in by the candidate in a scientific fashion.

No doubt, we have to factor in “Luck”, as it has its own role to play, but yes this can be minimized with an organized preparation and positive frame of mind.

Program includes:

  • Regular Mentorship – via Telephonic Sessions.
  • Personal Interaction at our Delhi Centre – with Experts.
  • Prelims test Series.
  • Mains Test Series.
Course Fee: 70k (Inclusive of Service Tax)

Enrolments: 50/year (First come, First Served basis)

Continuous Improvement Program !


It is specifically modeled to cater to the demand of candidates who wants to utilize the online platforms for gradual improvement in their writing skills. Under this we will provide 2 questions biweekly and aspirant is expected to send across the answers ( written in a time bound manner ) . We don’t want it to be a public exercise, rather your answers will be checked with the same gravity.

Most of the time we don’t feel like writing complete Test in the initial phases of our preparation. When a candidate is preparing for Preliminary examination, we tend not to focus on Mains – which is not advisable. So it’s better to keep writing.
Program includes:

 Starting with 2 questions bi-weekly and 4 Tests.

 Course Fee Rs. 18,000/- (Inclusive of Service Tax )

(Program will span out in 2-3 months)

Essay !


It has always been a very crucial paper which not only helps in getting Interview call but also decides ones RANKING in the final List. It is normally seen – there is a wide variation in the marks in essay – ranging from 60 on lower side to 140+ on the higher. It is no wisdom to gauge the importance of this paper hence.

Generally, in Essay classes we are told about Framework of the essay, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, some model essays and what NOT – do you really think in three hours time when we have to write two essays – we can be so systematically systematic to follow these strictures. Essay writing again is an art, and so by the very definition can be learnt by practicing it correctly.

We strictly ask you not to have any mental block about Essay’s, do not mug anything, as said by Edgar Rice Burroughs:

“I have been successful probably because I have always realized that I knew nothing about writing and have merely tried to tell an interesting story entertainingly.“

We will analyze your writing skill in a very simple way and tell you how to go about it.

Program includes:

 2 Essay Papers - Course Fee Rs 3,000 /-  (Inclusive of Service Tax )

UPSC Interview is the last rung of the ladder that leads the person to his desired goal. It calls for the assessment of an individual’s overall Personality touching various dimensions including leadership qualities, social skills, balanced decision making, moral integrity, hobbies and interest in current affairs among others.

We believe that Personality is not built in a day or two but it is a story of assimilation of your life experiences till date, your intellect, your beliefs, your values, your interests, your strengths and your weaknesses. In a nutshell, it defines who you are!

UPSC also wants to know who you really are and evaluates whether you are competent for the Service or not as it has already checked the individual’s knowledge and academics in previous two stages of the exam.

We, at CHROME IAS, with our experience, will guide you to enrich your overall perspective which can enhance and brush up what is already in you! We will walk along with you to fill in the gaps that will infuse in you the strength to confidently face the interview board on the final day.

ALL THE BEST !      


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  • Special Focus on Every Individual

    We plan to have limited enrollments – so as to maintain quality . Limited enrollments would help to focus on the shortcoming of individual and to give right feedback. We plan to have personalized interaction on the performance of an individual and ways to improve there by.

  • Where You Lag ?

    It is not only the Knowledge or hard work that is adequately rewarded. These are the pre-requisites no doubt, but ANSWER writing is a skill to be imbibed if not naturally endowed with. And for that it is important to know “Where to improve and How to improve”.

  • Quality Evaluation Process

    We have a team of experts, who have already cleared the examination and are in Service and few who have appeared in Interview in their successive attempts and your answers will be evaluated by them and an honest feedback will follow.