Paper I

  • The backlash against globalization has been with us for two decades. But lately, the nature and the character of globalization have been changing, and so has the backlash against it. Comment.
  • What is more important- women development or women-led development? How could women development affect the Indian economic and societal framework? Examine.

Paper II

  • India is said to have the highest number of people in the world trapped in modern slavery. What do you understand by the term Modern Slavery? What steps can government take to rescue the people from this growing Industry?
  • India’s closeness with US, seem to create fault lines in India’s neighbourhood. Critically Examine.

Paper III

  • Do you think that Debt recovery tribunals are not able to hold the objective behind their formation? How could the situation of rising NPA’s be improved?
  • BCIM Corridor is a double edged sword and benefits accruing to it could be counter balanced by the challenges it can pose. Do you agree with the statement? Critically examine.

Paper IV

  • Is there any difference between Governance and Ethical Governance? If yes what are the challenges thereof to ensure that ethical governance not only achieved but also moves forward.
  • Probity can exist without governance but to imagine governance without probity would lead to undermining of both. Comment.

Case Study

You are preparing a thesis for your Doctoral degree in Anthropology in an esteemed university. While on field you come across a native tribe living in the interior of dense forest. While staying with them you come across a practice which falls quarterly in which they happen to kill a particular specie of an animal in the honour of their deity. You were told that this practice was followed since hundreds of years and is a mark of their “cultural existence”.

While searching on the internet, you found that the specie falls under rare category in the list of threatened species. Tribal’s are ignorant of any such facts and have been celebrating the practice without any outside intervention. Also they have been kind enough to allow you to be a participant in this occasion which was not witnessed by any outsider before; owing to your understanding of their problems and empathetic behavior towards them. You know that this is something integral to the existence of the tribal culture but at the same time this could lead to an unfortunate scenario where the particular specie’s existence is threatened.

In such a scenario, you have following options available to you:

  • The practice is integral to the tribe and any interference in it would tantamount to the encroachment of their rights. Moreover, cultural existence should take primacy over an animal’s protection. Hence You would ignore it.
  • Explaining the tribal’s of the consequences their practice could have on the specie’s existence and leaving it to their wisdom.
  • Immediately bringing the matter to the notice of concerned department/agency for an appropriate action.

Evaluate each of the above option. Also indicate (without necessarily restricting to the above options) what action you would take, giving proper reasons.


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