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When One is Good One should Be Proud of It. We get immense pleasure when aspirants across board share their individual experiences about us. 


Prayas Kaushik

This is a place where you get to know the ‘don’ts’ more than the dos. This helped me to mould my strategy for preparation in an effective manner. Personalised attention and guidance is USP of Chrome Ias.


Ruchi Singh  ( IFoS , Rank 37)

Overall good experience with the Institute. And helped me immensely all through my prep and at last paid off with 37th Rank in IFoS in 2016.


Vikram Singh

Mridul sir’s mentorship skill is excellent.the best thing which I liked the most is that you get personalised feedback which improved your presentation. Honestly speaking I came in contact with Mridul sir during UPSC MAINS preparation and he really enhanced my presentation . His insight on essay and ethics is really good. I would sincerely exhort mains aspirants to have GS test series at CROME IAS to boost their marks. Thanks Mridul sir for devoting your time to us.


Gaurav Sharma

I had joined Chrome IAS  GS Mains Test series 2017, and also had discussion for psychology  answers with Mridul Sir…..the best part is  the one to one interaction while he returns your the checked copies….he highlights your mistakes and gives you the better alternatives making it easier to implement….both for answer structure and content wise I found CHROME IAS highly credible for GS as well as Psychology and can be trusted for its mentorship rather just coaching.I gave my second mains in 2017


Surbhi Narain

I have studied mathematics at Chrome IAS from Bhavana ma’am. Chapters like Modern Algebra which are considered a burden for all those preparing even for 3-4 years, were explained so lucidly by her. I haven’t seen anyone else even close to that.

The best part about her teaching is that you would actually understand the logic behind maths which is very critical to even think of getting good marks. Her notes are crisp and comprehensive.

If anyone is interested in taking maths as an optional I would suggest to study from her.
My friends at Delhi University tell that across the university students leave their college classes and count on her notes/lectures. I don’t blame them 🙂


Ayushi Jain

It’s the best place for people taking Maths as their optional subject.
There are many good things about it:
-Ma’am explains every concept even the most complex ones with so much clarity that we are able to remember most of the stuff even days after the class, if not full then a broad understanding of it. Revision covers the rest. I can say this because I have attended her classes for the toughest topics(said to be) Modern Algebra and Real Analysis.
-Notes are good.
-Ma’am always clears our doubts, she encourages us and guides in the direction that we ourselves end up finding the solution of the problem we had.
-Her concepts are v sound. Now I have started understanding Maths instead of just mechanically solving it.
-Class tests and their discussion.
-Personal attention.
Not just Maths, She is a zealot and also encourages us to give our best.


Amit Sunal  IRS ( C & CE )

The continuous guidance/doubt clearing discussions at personal level by the experienced Mridul Purohit Sir is the hallmark of Chrome IAS which is difficult to find among the much crowdy chaos of commercialised coaching institutes.This exam needs art of reflecting your thoughts as per the question in a limited time which needs proper insights about one’s own strengths and weaknesses and improvement thereupon.Its all about experience which can’t be written in a limited words review !! All in all,thank you Chrome IAS and especially Mridul Sir !! Highly recommended..


Mayank Prakash   IRS ( I T )

Articles are more logical and view based which I haven’t found on any other sites


Dreamer Dreamer

I have studied Abstract algebra and Real Analysis which are considered to be the two most dreaded topics out of the 13 topics in the syllabus of Ias Maths.I am fully satisfied with the class as she teaches the ‘WHY’ of everything which makes it easier to remember and to comprehend.

The discussions done in class help you remember topics there itself.
Her emphasis on answer writing and showing all the steps is another key feature which distinguishes her.
I have seen very few teachers who can teach with such passion and such clarity.
I would recommend her classes to anyone whether it be Freshers or experienced candidates.


Shubham Agarwal

In Civil services course a new student always try to find many ways to get a right path to clear the exam,but he doesn’t find a guru to tell his weakness before time. I was one of them before joining CHROME IAS.. But after joining it I found the ways that how to handle the course.. it’s test series are really amazing. Mridul sir who personally check each n every question with his constructive feedback help me a lot to improve my answer writting and content building..
In my opinion it’s a best platform for a civil service aspirant ..


Saurav Jha

I have not been to any other institute for Mathematics optional, but I am sure that it cannot be any better than what Chrome IAS offers. My comment is based on following parameters:

1. Quality of Teaching: Bhavna Ma’am teaches us Mathematics and she is very good at making complex topics simpler and comprehensible.

2. Quality of Subject Materials: Materials provided are to the point and also contain a lot un/solved questions related to the topic.

3. Tests, Evaluation and Discussion: After each module there is a test covering all topics that have been taught so far. Answer sheets are evaluated in a proper manner and a discussion class follows.

4. Guidance & Support: If anyone needs additional time or support, Ma’am is always willing to help with the same.


Puneet Sharawat

function f(Bhavna Mam)=(Concise Notes + teaches difficult topics in a lucid way + Full Commitment + Experience > 20 years in Maths + Best teacher for Mathematics optional).

I recommend Bhavna Mam for Mathematics optional without any doubt.

She is like a School teacher who wants each and every student to do well rather than other “Professional teachers” who just want to make money out of students .


Rahul Sharma

The best coaching for ‘Maths optional’ (by Bhavna ma’am). She has turned my dilemma of taking maths as an optional into a sure shot and confident choice. The concept clarification and stress on answer writing skill is the silver lining of the course. Organisation of the syllabus is simply the best.


Deep Gala

Although it’s a new institute for IAS coaching, yet it’s supported by Ms. Bhavna Khurana’s long teaching experience. A lot of emphasis is given on concept clarity, answer presentation and doubts solving is done even at personal level. Besides, regular tests and assignments helps one to constantly evaluate oneself.


Animesh Shah

A tailor made coaching experience for every aspirant. Personalized mentoring by experts which analyse individual ‘s strength and weakness. Test series is completely inline with the demands of Upsc.


Nitish Tripathi

If there is a tendulkar in cricket then there is a Bhavna ma’am in mathematics teaching. Timely completion of modules, personal doubt clearing sessions and paper checking quality is really very good. Do join or atleast attend few classes to get better overview.


Arushi Singh Rawat

I happen to be a part of Chrome IAS and I can confidently say that it is one of the best institutes for maths (mains optional ) paper for UPSC examination.
Bhavna Ma’am has been teaching maths for over ten years now and it’s her experience and command over the subject that makes her deliver so nicely to the students. One of the best things about studying from Bhavna Ma’am is that you just don’t study maths from her, you also learn so much about life.
I’m fortunate to have known maam as it’s really hard to find a good teacher who is also a great human being. 🙂


Anurag Kumar

The best place for Mathematics optional preparation.You ll go home satisfied with all ur doubts cleared and concepts well understood.The personal attention is one of the key aspects which is missing elsewhere.The answer writing habits are inclucated from the very beginning and the answer sheets are evaluated strictly by the the faculty.


Akash Singh

I attended the modern algebra module at chrome ias taught by Bhavna Khurana mam. The topic was covered veru lucidly. Individual attention to students, commitment in terms of sticking to time schedule, focus on writing style in exam were some of the things i found very good at the institute. I cant say more about the teaching than the fact that mam taught how one should think while approaching modern algebra questions(those with any exposure to this mountain of a unit would understand how important this becomes in abstract mathematics). Would recommend chrome ias to anyone preparing for civils with maths as optional.

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