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Based on the present requirement of the exam we are conducting a new program emphasizing on ANSWER WRITING ENRICHMENT and MAP BASED LEARNING, so the marks in GEOGRAPHY OPTIONAL can be improved.

It’s been named THE ROARING FORTIES because of two reasons – First, we have picked FORTY TOPICS from the syllabus and these will be dealt in entirety , Second , we have kept the enrolment to 40 Aspirants. So that every individual can be attended and his/her improvement can be monitored.

Here is the list:


1. Regional synthesis/ regional approach in geography
2. Von thunen’s agricultural location model
3. Cultural regions, cultural realms
4. Migration theories
5. Local winds
6. Azonal and zonal distribution of soils and their types
7. Systems approach
8. Behavioural/ radical/ welfare geography
9. Zoogeographic regions
10. Corals formation theories and coral bleaching
11. What are Biomes and their types
12. Ocean deposits and pelagic deposits
13. Weight triangle
14. Isostacy( airy and pratt), sea floor spreading
15. Famines are man made hazards
16. Global distribution of Floristic kingdoms
17. Sustaninable development
18. Desertification
19. Cycles of erosion
20. Marine pollution


1. Areas of dryland farming, farmers suicide issue and drought prone regions(also reasons for their location)
2. Agricultural productivity and intensity
3. Institutional factors for agricultural modernisation
4. How india’s look east policy affects our foreign trade
5. MNC’s and LPG’s role in indian industrialisation
6. Demographic dividend. Merits and demerits
7. Geopolitics of indian ocean
8. Slums and associated problems. How to improve them
9. Catchment and command area development and its implications
10. Multilevel planning/ deccentrallised planning with respect to PRIs setup
11. Sugar industry, auto industry
12. Inter and inta regional migration
13. Marine resource potential
14. Triple transport’ s role in india’s development
15. Himalayan and peninsular drainage systems
16. Spatial distrbution of environmental degradation and associated problems
17. Stamp’s climatic classification
18. Onshore and offshore coalfields
19. Indian soil types and problems related to soil( erosion and degradation)
20. How schemes such as smart cities, amrut, skill india , make in india etc reach their desired objectives( try to answer by applying geographical concepts and theories)

Batch Commences – 10th November
Timing – 5 PM
Faculty – Nitin Lohani


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