Gandhji described the Cripps Mission scheme as “a post-dated cheque”. Do you know why?

This is because the Cripps Mission did not propose any plan of immediate transfer of power as demanded by the Congress.

This is evident from the following main proposals of the Cripps Mission:

  • Indian Union with a dominion status after the war.
  • Party elected constituent assembly after the war.
  • Meanwhile, all power in governor-general’s hand.

Other proposals were :

  • After the war, India would be free to decide its relations with the Commonwealth.
  • After the war, India would be free to participate in the United Nations and other international bodies.
  • Any province not willing to join the Indian Union could have a separate constitution and a separate Union.

How was Cripps Mission significant ?

  • For the first time, it was proposed by British that making of the constitution would be Indian hands only.
  • In the meantime i.e before the war, Indians were proposed a large share in administration.

Why did Congress object to Cripps Mission ?

  • Congress demanded complete independence after the war while Cripps Mission proposed dominion status.
  • Immediate transfer of power was not proposed.
  • Congress objected to proposal of partly elected and partly nominated Constituent Assembly.
  • Right to unwilling provinces to form a separate union went against national unity.
  • Governor general’s supremacy had been retained.




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