” हम तुम” i.e. “INITIATIVE CONVERSE “

हम तुम is an initiative by CHROME IAS ACADEMY to understand the subjective problem of every individual and provide customized solution to it.

During interaction with aspirants while preparing them for PRELIMS , MAINS and INTERVIEW , one thing has been prominently observed by our team is, that though the aspirants have taken coaching for Civil Services but the real problem that how to tackle the Civil Services Examination is not addressed in the crowd of 100 , 200 or 500.

IAS Examination, conducted by the UPSC, is not like any other examination where in memorizing and verbatim reproduction helps one to clear the exam. UPSC is dynamically evolving its Civil Services Examination and the problem is that majority of the aspirants are not able to adapt to it.

हम तुम is an innovative and unique idea wherein aspirants can discuss their issues in preparation and in general,, with our experts that have good experience and are able to restructure ones cognitive thoughts in positive direction.  As Psychology says, once we get into the cycle of defeatist attitude, it becomes a kind of Self Fulfilling Prophecy  which only concretizes our behavioural pattern and thought process. Rather what is important is a timely intervention which can reverse the thinking pattern of an individual.

We are saying all this as now we are sure that most of the aspirants fall short of clearing CSE Exam, not because they can’t do it , but because they follow a wrong approach towards the Exam. What generally is missed by the aspirants is that CONTENT is just one aspect of the exam and other important aspects are ignored which cost them dear.

In this unique beginning, हम तुम, we encourage aspirants to frankly come up with their daily issues and our specialized panel members would try to bring your preparation on track. We firmly believe that if one is guided keeping in mind the strength and weakness of an individual , as every individual has his/her unique dimensional characteristics, and if they are identified and worked upon one can scale great heights.

हम तुम Initiative :

If you feel you are misguided – you can be benefitted.

If you feel you are isolated – you can be benefitted.

If you feel you are a failure and cannot achieve anything – you can be benefitted.

If you feel you are depressed – you can be benefitted.

If you feel you need a mentor- you can be benefitted.

So – here is an opportunity to put things right with right people.

We would be giving designated mobile numbers where one can send messages / WhatsApp / call to fix an appointment with our Team member or can discuss over the phone.

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