10 TESTS – For Exhaustive Practice of Essay 

Target – 140 + Marks in Essay

First Batch – 1st October 2017

Second Batch – 22nd October 2017

Third Batch – 12th November 2017

Fourth Batch – 19th November 2017

Fifth Batch –  10th December 2017

Sixth Batch – 7th January 2017

Seventh Batch – 21st January 2018

Eighth Batch –  11th February 2018

Ninth Batch – 4th March 2018

Tenth batch  – 11th April 2018


Tests on Alternate Sundays ( 1st & 3rd )

Evaluated Scripts within 10 days

Discussion – For Delhi Students @ Our ORN Centre

For Outside Delhi Students – Telephonic Sessions with assigned Mentors.

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  • Special Focus on Every Individual

    We plan to have limited enrollments – so as to maintain quality . Limited enrollments would help to focus on the shortcoming of individual and to give right feedback. We plan to have personalized interaction on the performance of an individual and ways to improve there by.

  • Where You Lag ?

    It is not only the Knowledge or hard work that is adequately rewarded. These are the pre-requisites no doubt, but ANSWER writing is a skill to be imbibed if not naturally endowed with. And for that it is important to know “Where to improve and How to improve”.

  • Quality Evaluation Process

    We have a team of experts, who have already cleared the examination and are in Service and few who have appeared in Interview in their successive attempts and your answers will be evaluated by them and an honest feedback will follow.