Gist of Editorials: What India has to offer in the Gulf | GS – II

Why has this issue cropped up?

Prime Minister recently  visited to United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

India’s new vision towards Gulf

  • Before 2015, no prime minister of India had travelled to UAE for more than three decades.
  • India has shed the tendency to see Gulf region through the prism of Pakistan.

Gulf’s new approach to India

  • Some Gulf countries have expanded counter-terror cooperation with Delhi.
  • Gulf kingdoms have begun to address many of the long-standing Indian concerns regarding the diaspora.
  • Oil rich Gulf has begun to see India as a major economic partner.
  • PM Modi has been honoured with the Zayed Medal, the highest civilian honour in the UAE.

Way forward for India

  • India should now put emphasis on what it can do for the Gulf.
  • It should offer strong support to moderate Islam reform in the Gulf region.
  • It should unclog bureaucratic and policy obstacles to investments from the Gulf.
  • It should take initiative to develop a more pro-active strategy for defence cooperation in the region.


The question for India is no longer about taking sides; it is about contributing to the regional security in whatever manner it can.