Gist of Editorials: The Last Window | GS – III

Relevance :  GS Paper III


Like other countries, India too must act quickly and decisively on the IPCC report.

The IPCC report

The latest IPCC report states that the land surface air temperature has risen by nearly twice the global average temperature, at about 1.3°C.

What should India do?

  • planting cover crops, improvements in grazing management, greater use of agroforestry.
  • maintaining and extending forest cover.
  • compatability between industrial development and environmental protection
  • consulting indigenous people to integrate local knowledge with scientific knowledge.
  • need to manage water better both in the short and in the long run.
  • drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, use of water efficient agricultural practices,
  • traditional rainwater harvesting practices to be scaled up across the nation.
  • shift towards a more plant-based based diet.
  • Livestock sector management with crop management


It is hoped that the well-being of the masses will take precedence over short-term economic gains for a few.