Gist of Editorials: Passing ASAT | GS – III

Relevance : GS Paper III


India has become only be the fourth country to test an ASAT weapon.

ASAT Tests by other Nations

  • By US and Russia in 1960s.
  • By China in 2007.

India lags Behind

  • Other 3 nations are close to develop space weapons.
  • India has a long way to catch up.

Analysing India’s ASAT Test

  • Targeted a satellite in a low earth orbit of 300 km.
  • India has had ASAT capabilities for long.
  • Test is more about policy change than a technological breakthrough.

India’s Earlier Stand on ASAT Tests

  • India argued against the weaponization of outer space.
  • India resisted to manage the emerging space threats.


India must clearly articulate its military space doctrine.