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The Afghan government would like to see India-China economic cooperation in Afghanistan that could boost progress and enhance human security

Relevance : GS Paper II (International Relation)

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The likelihood of an American pull-out from Afghanistan raises the spectre of instability in Afghanistan, South and Central Asia..

Regional powers and Afghanistan

  • CHINA:
    • China has a great interest in its stability.
    • China would be adversely affected by war and chaos.
    • China has gained considerable economic and diplomatic influence in Afghanistan.
    • It is giving military aid to Afghanistan.
    • It has invested in projects such as mining, roads and railways.
    • It gave Afghanistan.  observer status in the SCO.
  • INDIA:
    • India supports China’s role in Afghanistan.
    • India has certainly contributed much ‘soft power’.
    • It assisted in building the National Assembly of Afghanistan.
    • Indian has provided aid up to $3 billion.
    • But India has been absent from regional diplomacy necessary to stabilise Afghanistan.

India- China cooperation in Afghanistan

  • It could boost progress and enhance human security.
  • India and China started a joint training project for Afghan diplomats.
  • They could expand cooperation by facilitating Afghanistan’s full membership of the SCO.
  • India and China should work together to build a secure Afghanistan.