Gist of Editorials: Mixed Optics | GS – II

Relevance : GS Paper II ( International Relations)

The Saudi Crown Prince visit highlighted the complexities in bilateral ties.

Progress of India-Saudi relations

  • They have tried to ‘de-hyphenate’ their relations from ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
  • Their relations were strengthened into a strategic partnership in 2010 after Riyadh Declaration.  

The Outcomes of the Visit

  • Announcement were made for measures to:
    • upgrade the defence partnership,
    • create a “Strategic Partnership Council”
    • institute regular talks between the two national security advisers
  • Saudi Arabia has expressed its interest in investing in infrastructure projects
  • Saudi agreed to insert an extra clause calling on states to renounce the “use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy”.
  • It acknowledged that disputes between India and Pakistan must be resolved bilaterally.
  • It agreed to increase Haj quotas and release 850 Indians from Saudi jails.