Gist of Editorials: Hurrying Through A Legislation (The Hindu) | GS – II

Relevance : GS Paper II (Polity & Governance)

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The passage of the quota Bill highlights grave gaps in India’s parliamentary procedures.

Hasty steps

  • CIRCULATION: This Bill as it was not circulated ahead of being introduced.
  • STANDING COMMITTEE: This scrutiny mechanism was bypassed.
  • TIME: There was hardly any time between its introduction and final discussion.

The British contrast

Three important ways in which the British Parliament works better than ours:

  • absence of anti-defection law, hence MP can vote her conscience.
  • it is known exactly how each MP voted
  • the independence of the Speaker is secured

Falling short

Our Parliament has the following shortcomings:

  • the anti-defection law
  • lack of recorded voting as a norm
  • party affiliation of the Speaker
  • frequent bypassing of committees
  • insufficient time and research support to examine Bills


Parliament must follow the due process to secure the interest of citizens.