Gist of Editorials: Education and the Idea of Common Good | GS – II

Relevance :  GS Paper II

The idea of good and education have been symbiotically linked..

Moral Good and Education

  • Moral good has basically two dimensions: common good and individual good.
  • The common good involves human values.
  • These values are integral to the Constitution and find their mention in the draft National Education Policy (NEP) of 2019.
  • These values need to be promoted through education..

The problem

  • The passage to dissemination of such values does not seem to be safe.
  • This is because we are less concerned about restoring the public schools and
  • This is evident in the case of parents moving to private schools and coaching centres.

Way forward

  • We need to eliminate the social distance in the social relations.
  • The elimination of structural inequality is required.
  • The expansion of infrastructure for accessibility is important..
  • Ethics is crucial for orienting those in the education system towards the realisation of these proclaimed values.