Gist of Editorials: Bills of Rights for the Vulnerable | GS – II

Relevance :  GS Paper II


With the dissolution of Parliament, several crucial social bills lapsed.

The problematic social bills

  • Transgender Bill, Surrogacy Bill, and the Trafficking Bill.
  • Consultation with impacted communities was eschewed.
  • Transgender Bill did away with the right to self-determination of gender identity.
  • Surrogacy Bill excluded LGBT individuals from its ambit, imposed discriminatory age restrictions
  • Trafficking Bill criminalized begging without providing any manner of effective alternatives.

Common factors between these bills

  • Dealt with intimate subjects such as personal dignity.
  • Concerned with vulnerable and marginalized sections of society.
  • Drafted without consulting with members of the impacted communities.
  • Extended the state’s control and domination.
  • Met by widespread protests from the communities themselves.

What lies ahead?

  • Voices of those who will be directly impacted should be listened to.
  • A sustained public movement around these issues is needed.