Gist of Editorials: Bearing the Brunt of Slack Laws | GS – II

Relevance :  GS Paper  II


The huge fire in Delhi killing over 40 people raises the  question of  labour rights violation.

Growth of industrial clusters in residential localities

  • Numerous industrial clusters have mushroomed in the residential localities and slums in our big cities.
  • In these establishments, the workers are mostly migrants, and tend to work long hours for meagre wages.

Factors detrimental to labourers’ rights

  • Out of reach laws: Key labour laws in India consistently elude a large section of workers who are denied rights and benefits.
  • A new attack on labour: Employers’ lobbies have projected India’s labour laws as hindrance to ease of doing business
  • Deregulation: The phenomenal growth of India’s informal sector has led to deregulation of a of work such as labour inspection, self-certification by employers, etc.
  • Retreat of the state: Employers unilaterally fixing wages, extract overtime, etc. has substantially increased with the withdrawal of the state from regulation of labour.


Workers contribute their sweat and blood in the making of this economy, and in return the economy gives them a pittance.