Gist of Editorials: Alliances and Strategic Autonomy (Indian Express) | GS – II

Relevance : GS Paper II (International Relations)

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“Non-alignment”  is a special attribute of Indian foreign policy.

The present situation of NAM

  • More than a hundred countries are members of the NAM.
  • Triennial NAM summits are held.
  • Nations’ belief in NAM has declined significantly..
  • India has certainly moved away NAM in practice.

India’s trouble with Alliances

Indian is troubled by the question of alliances and autonomy when it comes to dealing with China and the US.

What do Alliances actually mean?

  • Alliances are not a kind of bondage.
  • They are arrangement to cope with a common threat.
  • As the threat breaks down, so does the alliance.

Present situation of International Alliances

  • Few countries in the world today are members of alliances.
  • These few alliances are undergoing stress.
  • US is questioning the costs and benefits of these alliances.
  • Turkey and South Korea, both treaty allies of the US, hardly share American perceptions on the regional threats.


India should  focus on its interests and the best means to secure them including partnerships and coalitions.