Gist of Editorials: A Fight for the Forest| GS – II

Relevance : GS Paper II

Why has this Issue Cropped Up?

Supreme Court stayed its order on the eviction of forest dwellers.

Impact of the Order

  • The stay offers only a temporary relief.
  • It provides an opportunity to protect both nature and social justice.

Issues with Eviction

  • Lack of studies that quantify the deforestation caused by marginalized communities.
  • Concerns about the rejection process, outdated forest maps, etc.
  • Large companies are not treated strictly despite several violations .

Way Forward

  • Conservation actions must be based on the same principles as social justice.
  • Restriction of human activities must not result in injustice to marginalized.
  • District administrations must protect forest dwellers from exploitation.
  • Forest diversion by the powerful should not remain unchecked.


Conservationists should stand up for the welfare of both wildlife and forest dwellers.