Essential Facts (Prelims): 13 March, 2019


Category: Defence & Security

  • The Defence Research and Development Organisation successfully tested-fired
  • Pinaka is an indigenously developed guided rocket system.

Boeing 737 MAX 8

Category: Security

  • DGCA bars Boeing 737 MAX 8 after global alarm.
  • SpiceJet is the only Indian airline that operates Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft.
  • The move came after European aviation regulator EASA, the U.K, France, Germany, Australia and Singapore joined a growing number of countries that have barred the aircraft from their airspace following crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane


Category: Economy

  • Markets regulator SEBI withdrew the 20% limit on investments by Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) in corporate bonds of an entity.
  • In June last year, SEBI had mandated that no FPI shall have an exposure of more than 20% of its corporate bond portfolio to a single corporate.


Category: Biodiversity

  • Human impacts on species occur across 84% of the earth’s surface.
  • India ranks 16th in such human impacts, with 35 species impacted on average.
  • Malaysia ranks first among the countries with the highest number of impacted species (125).
  • Southeast Asian tropical forests — including those in India’s Western Ghats, Himalayas and north-east — are among the ‘hotspots’ of threatened species.
  • However, these areas are also ‘cool-spots’.
  • Cool-spots are the world’s last refuges where high numbers of threatened species still persist.
  • Cool-spots could be the result of protection or because of intact habitat.

Astrobatrachus kurichiyana

Category: Biodiversity

  • A starry dwarf frog has been discovered in Kerala.
  • It is a nocturnal amphibian that lives under leaf litter on a mountaintop in Kerala’s Wayanad.
  • It has been named the Astrobatrachus kurichiyana.
  • It is not only a new species but different enough to be assigned to a new ‘subfamily’.
  • The species is at least 60 million years old.