Editorial Simplified: Plan Before Making A Bid | GS – II

Relevance : GS Paper II (Development & Welfare)

Theme of the article

The Indian Olympic Association must consider several issues if it wishes to host the 2032.

Why has this issue cropped up?

India has expressed interest to host the 2032 Summer Olympic Games, apart from the 2026 Summer Youth Olympic Games and the 2030 Asian Games.

Hosting Olympics is a difficult task

The Olympic Games have been designed to leave an indelible mark on host cities, with long-term benefits. However, the Games have proven to be more of a liability than an asset. They have daunted countries even from submitting complete bids.

The changing bidding process to host Olympics

  • Till now, Olympic bids were made keeping in mind a single city as the venue for the Games.
  • Today, it is almost impossible to find a metropolitan city which can sustain the enormous influx of people and build the infrastructure required to host the Games. In view of this concern, multi-city bids are now welcomed.

Suggestions for Indian Olympic Association

  • The Indian Olympic Association must consider several issues if it wishes to host the Games.
  • First, to be considered a sporting powerhouse, India must leave a mark at the 2020 Olympic Games to convince the world that it takes sports seriously.
  • Second, India has hosted only a handful of multisport events, with none really matching up to the grandeur and scale of the Olympic Games. Hosting multisport events in the coming years may prove to be key in cementing its prowess to pull off the mighty event.
  • Third, typically, the Olympic Games are funded through public and private money. Designing a long-term investment plan will ensure high participation from the private sector, reducing the burden on government funds.
  • Fourth, the government should make the most of this opportunity to tackle issues of the environment, waste management, public health, and sanitation, to ensure clean and safe facilities for the Olympic athletes.
  • Fifth, any government would like the prestige of having hosted an Olympic Games during its tenure. Working together with a stable democratic polity would prove to be a huge attraction for participating countries.
  • Finally, identifying locations for hosting the games early on will help create facilities that have a longer life span and would also help reduce costs.


Creating an Olympic bid with an outlook of primarily channelising development efforts for the country will prove to be a win-win situation. It is only when we view the Games as a long-term development enabler that it can be made a sustainable proposition.