Cut Off Prediction

After a thoughtful consideration of the paper , there is no doubt that to attempt paper in 2 hours is a difficult task. Paper was a notch above as compared to last year.

For sure cut off will drop – and it will hover around 94 – 96.

This time also there are few open ended questions , for which discretion is reserved with UPSC.

The Preliminary examination is becoming more of a chance based – as firstly the merit is decided on the basis of one Paper and secondly in the heightened anxiety to manage ones nerves becomes a difficult task on the face of such paper.

Our advice to aspirants is – if you are in the range of 92 above with the scope of 2-3 questions in the grey zone – You must start preparation after relaxing for couple of days.

The behaviour and the thought process that is displayed Inside Examination hall and outside examination hall are poles apart – and what easily comes to mind outside examination hall is not the case when you attempt paper and some simple mistakes are committed. Such anomalies are common with every aspirant – so no need to burden yourself with extra load.

Now prepare yourself for the bigger task – MAINS.

Best Wishes to All Aspirants from our entire Team .

God Bless.