CSE-2020 | Prelims Daily Quiz 88 [ Questions ]


Q1. Consider the following statements about “KHON RAMLEELA”

1.KHON RAMLEELA has no dialogues and background voices narrate the whole story of Ramayana.

2.Bihar government is going to organise the country’s first training and performance programme of world famous KHON Ramlila in collaboration with Thailand government.

3.KHON Ramlila is a masked form of Ramlila art of Thailand.

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

a) 1 and 2 only

b) 2 and 3 only

c) 1 and 3 only

d) All of the above

Q2. Consider the following statements 

Assertion (A):  A Waqf Board can be formed through a deed or instrument, or a property can be deemed waqf if it has been used for religious or charitable purposes for a long period of time..

Reason (R): A non-Muslim can also create a waqf but the individual must profess Islam and the objective of creating the waqf has to be Islamic.

Select the correct answer from codes given below

a) Both A and R are correct, and R is the correct explanation of A

b) Both A and R are correct, and R is not correct explanation of A

c) A is correct while R is incorrect

d) A is incorrect while R is correct

Q3. Consider the following statements ‘Ex Eastern Bridge-V’:

1.A Bilateral Joint exercise with Royal Air Force Oman (RAFO), named EX EASTERN BRIDGE-V, at Air Force Base Masirah.

2.Masirah is an Island, off the east coast of mainland Oman in the Red Sea, and the largest island of the country.

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?

a)  1 only

b) 2 only

c) Both 1 and 2

d) Neither 1 nor 2

Q4. What is ‘Van Dhan Internship Programme’?

a) Van Dhan Internship Programme will support the TRIFED activities on value addition of Timber Forest Products, marketing and credit linkages.

b) Van Dhan Internship Programme Implemented through Ministry of Tribal Affairs as Nodal Department at the Central Level and TRIFED as Nodal Agency at the National Level.

c) Locally the Kendras are proposed to be managed by the representatives of Van Dhan in the cluster.

d) TRIFED will facilitate establishment of state led multi-purpose Van Dhan Vikas Kendras.

Q5. Consider the following statements about ‘India Innovation Index 2019’:

1. NITI Aayog with Institute for Competitiveness as the knowledge partner released the India Innovation Index (III) 2019.

2. Karnataka is the most innovative major state in India.

3. The top ten major states are majorly concentrated in southern and western India.

4. Uttar Pradesh is at 10th place in the Index.

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

a) 1, 2 and 4 only

b) 1, 2 and 3 only

c) 2, 3 and 4 only

d) All of the above


1. Answers will be given tomorrow with Solution

2. You can post your answers in discussion section below and cross check your accuracy .

Objective of this exercise is to prepare you for PRELIMS 2020 on daily basis . If you do it sincerely and attempt a good Test Series under exam like conditions , we are sure it will help you in clearing Prelims examination.

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