CSE-2020 | Prelims Daily Quiz 101 [ Questions ]


Q1. Consider the following statements about “Office of Profit”:

1. Article 102(a) says a person shall be disqualified from being a member of either House of Parliament if he holds any Office of Profit, among other grounds.

2. If a question arises whether a member has incurred such disqualification, it will be referred to the President’s decision.

3., Office of profit’ (OoP) is clearly defined in the Constitution.

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

a) 1 and 3 only

b) 1 and 2 only

c) 2 and 3 only

d) All of the above

Q2. Consider the following statements 

Assertion (A):  The Governor of a state can only summon the new House for the first sitting only after a new government is sworn in.

Reason (R): Article 356 of the Constitution provides for the imposition of President’s Rule in a state in “case of failure of the constitutional machinery in the state”.

Select the correct answer from codes given below

a) Both A and R are correct, and R is the correct explanation of A

b) Both A and R are correct, and R is not correct explanation of A

c) A is correct while R is incorrect

d) A is incorrect while R is correct

Q3. Consider the following statements about “ethanol”:

1. Ethanol and Molasses is by-product of Sugar making.

2. Mills can also produce only ethanol from sugarcane, without producing sugar at all.

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?

a) 1 only

b) 2 only

c) Both 1 and 2

d) Neither 1 nor 2

Q4. ‘India Justice Report (IJR) is prepared by:

a) Supreme court of India

b) National Legal Services Authority (NaLSA)

c) National Human Right Commission

d) Tata Trusts

Q5. ‘The Feni River’ form the border of:

a) Assam and Arunachal Pradesh

b) India and Bangladesh

c) Tripura and Meghalaya

d) India and Myanmar


1. Answers will be given tomorrow with Solution

2. You can post your answers in discussion section below and cross check your accuracy .

Objective of this exercise is to prepare you for PRELIMS 2020 on daily basis . If you do it sincerely and attempt a good Test Series under exam like conditions , we are sure it will help you in clearing Prelims examination.

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